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Aversive Discrimination Awarness Training

Aversive Discrimination Awareness Training (ADAT) has an aim to promote the idea ofa formal and non-formal adult education which is really inclusive and accessible to all.The issue of Aversive Discrimination has not yet been addressed openly and directly inthe field of adult education. In almost all sectors the level of awareness of those whowork or volunteer or study in adult education excludes any direct discrimination. Thisfact is also supported by legislation, ethical principles, awareness of rights, etc.However, in the last twenty years numerous authors and groups have been extensivelydebating the aversive aspects of discrimination. The ADAT partners are organisationsaddressing some type of diversity, and thanks to their work in the respective fields, areconscious of the presence of aversive discrimination in many educational materialsused in adult education. ADAT will analyse how aversive discrimination (in particularaversive disablism, sexism and homophobia), can influence the learning paths oflearners and, in general, the organization and provision of adult education.Aversive discrimination will be addressed in an intersectional perspective.Intersectionality refers to the interaction of two or more forms of discrimination thatcompound to form multiple discriminations. A web course to promote the awareness ofaversive discrimination and strategies to cope successfully with it will be planned,organized, tested and evaluated in two different settings:- teachers working in adult education, in Austria- professionals providing consultancy in adult training, in Italy.Once tested, the web course will become part of the education offered by all partnersand will be spread through the partners’ international networks. ADAT activities will bewidely disseminated through the Partners’ networks and through numerous localizedoutputs (course manuals, website, flyers, newsletters, etc) which will be all cross-testedby the partners.In addition to three partner meetings, ADAT will organize also two internationalworkshops, and one international final conference, all with simultaneous translation inItalian, German, Bulgarian and Spanish, to diminish any possible discrimination relatedto language. A meeting in Brussels will present the project to EU representatives andpoliticians
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