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Autonomie/Adaptabilité - Intégration/Immersion de Scolaires en Europe
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

- The AISE² project (Autonomy/Adaptability – Inclusion/Immersion of Students in Europe) is intended for the students of the vocational/technical school “Les Menuts”, located in an Educational Priority Area. They study in commerce, service and management-administrative fields. They are from different origins, from disadvantaged backgrounds. The students aim at reaching the main objectives pointed out in the title of the project : increasing their autonomy, supporting the professional and personal adaptability, improving the competences and skills involving the professional integration and the social and cultural inclusion in a European environment.- 20 participants will be involved over 24 months. They are volunteers, involved and integrated in the European section and taking part into many European projects..During their mobility in a company in Bristol for 4 weeks in the final year (upper 6th), the trainees will give a European dimension to their professional, scholar, personal and cultural learning. They will apprehend a culture, a theoretical subject until then, they will join a professional team. They will learn and might put into practice different working methods. They will compare their professional competences and skills with the ones of the host country (transversal competences) and will apply all the well-being rules they have learned. They will deal with a new social background.The whole of these aspects will be beforehand mentioned by the teachers in accordance with the professional reference source of the exams and by the intermediary organism during the several days of training.- On the one hand the professional experience and the new skills will be recognized through the Europass Mobility, they will complete the training they had in the European Section and they will allow to pass the European Section distinction for the exam “Baccalauréat”.On the other hand, the monitoring and the assessments of the internship done during the time of the project will be incorporated to the final mark of the exam. That’s why we will specifically pay attention to the search of internships in order to follow the reference document of the exam.It is all about giving a “capital gain”, a most value, a quality and an acknowledgement to their exam. Above all else, giving a European extent is also giving a professional value.- These students who are from disadvantaged backgrounds will find a way to live a European professional, human, cultural and language experience. Getting these students into an Erasmus Plus Programme is giving them the opportunity to reduce social barriers and to get better professional equity and then, to cope with a future job. Through the professional European dynamism this experience will give them the opportunity to develop their capacity of adaptation and autonomy, their professional skills in the commerce, service and management-administration sections, their multilingualism and their knowledge of more cultures.It will be a matter of giving the students all the possible assets to ensure a better professional integration and a personal fulfilment.It will be a matter of even more putting them at ease², "à l'AISE²" (Autonomy Adaptability, Inclusion Immersion of Students in Europe)
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