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Αυτόνομα Συστήματα Θέρμανσης με Ανανεώσιμες Πηγές Ενέργειας για Δημόσια Κτίρια (Autonomous Renewable-Energy Heating Systems for Public Buildings)
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

FRAME-BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECT The spreading of the systems that make use of solar energy is nowadays huge at international level and the trend is continuously increasing. The basic use of solar energy is for the production of domestic hot water (DHW) but since 15 years the development of mixed (combi) systems is observed in Europe, systems that produce DHW but also hot water for space heating in small or medium-sized homes. Europe is practically the only region in which such combi systems are installed and demanded. With these in mind the Greek Ministry of Education has induced changes in the curriculum of the specialty Technician Engineer of Thermal Installations and Oil & Natural Gas Technology Engineer of the Engineering Sector of the new Professional Lyceums (2nd grade, expected for the 3d grade). So our school wishes to train the teachers of the engineering sector in the topic of the alternative heating systems with a two weeks seminar emphasizing on practice in the fields of (I) installation of thermal solar systems and (II) installation of photovoltaic solar systems (programmes UFCD 4585 and 4587 of the Portuguese Ministry of Culture, CINEL specialized training facility). PROJECT AIMS A. Training of teachers of the engineering sector of our school in alternative heating systems (solar thermal and photovoltaic ) with emphasis on practical training B. In-location study of the above systems through educational visits at institutions that have such systems C. Acquaintance and relationship creation with two professional schools and attempt to create collaborations with our school D. Acquaintance with the Portuguese technical-professional juvenile and adult education E. Function of the trained teachers in European environment, acquiring of school experience abroad and possible creation of European mentality to them PARTICIPANTS NUMBER AND PROFILE The participants were, at first, ten (10) teachers that teach at the engineering sector during the last two school years. Since the development of the alternative heating systems technology has surpassed the curricula of their studies, they need the training at the proposed subject in order to be able to contribute to the European Development Plan of their school and to their pupils ACTIVITIES DESCRIPTION First week: installation of thermal solar systems Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday training, Wednesday educational visits at AEEN and INETE, that possess such systems Second week: installation of photovoltaic solar systems Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday training, Wednesday educational visits at the German School, that possess such systems and to the Digital Escola Profissional. DELIVERABLES, DISSEMINATION AND EXPLOITATION OF RESULTS Dissemination of the project results are the deliverables 1-6, whereas Deliverable 7 exploits the results for the benefit of the administrative unit that supervises the sending organization: 1. Organization of a workshop for the diffusion of the results, with the topic of space heating with solar energy at the Evosmos Cultural C\enter, in communication with the Kordelio-Evosmos Municipality and the local institutions 2. Creation of a poster and an invitation for the Deliverable 1 and of a promotion brochure for the whole activity 3. Creation of an information leaflet and distribution to the residents of the Kordelio-Evosmos municipality 4. Creation of a publication in the digital magazine of the Kordelio-Evosmos municipality 5. Creation of seminars & presentations for our pupils and their introduction in the curriculum 6. Creation of new lesson plans and laboratory work sheets and their implementation in the classroom 7. Creation of an economic and technical study for the installation of solar collectors for heating of the building in which our organization resides and submission of it to the Kordelio-Evosmos municipality METHODOLOGY - Signing of the cooperation contract, the Training Agreement and the Quality Commitment with the partner. Signing of the declaration of participation and undertaking of the deliverables creation by the participants - Preparation of the participants on practical matters - Realization of the mobility - Assessment of the progress of he participants by the trainers and themselves, assessment of the mobility - Creation of the deliverables, submission of them to the National Agency IMPACT - Very important for the participants (aims A, B, D, E) - Important for the sending organization (aims A, C, D, E, plus implementation of part of its European Development Plan) - Important for the students of the sending organization (deliverables 4, 5) - Noteworthy for the local society (deliverables 1, 2, 3) - Noteworthy for the municipality that supervises the sending organization (Deliverable 7) LONG-TERM BENEFITS - Introduction of a European dimension in the professional education and training systems - Awareness of their European citizenship and creation of a European mentality to the participants

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