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The present project carries the ambition to share knowledge and information concerning the automotive education in such a manner that the participating partners can send and receive both teachers and students for their ordinary programmes in order to widen the European dimension and still pay respect to the national curriculum. The project will carry out the visions of the Copenhagen Declaration in opening the classroom and making transparent the education for peers all over the EU.The aim is to develop a student exchange programme in the form of optional modules which can be chosen by the individual student. The Modules must include a lesson package at a technical college and an international work placement. These international modules must be flexible in order to fit into the different national automotive school programmes and to give accreditation for the individual student. Therefore the exchange programme must include elements of-Intercultural competence-Foreign language (English)-A variety of automotive courses to choose from-Practical training (work placement) in local companiesMobility across border for both student and staff has become an integrated oart of auto mechanic education and one of the main points is to enhance this mobility.
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