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Automations and installations for smart cities - a new net in Europe-advanced skills for trainers and trainees"
Start date: 08 Jul 2016, End date: 07 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

DEVELOPMENT OF "INTELLIGENT" CITIESThe development of broadband nets and technologies which make the cities competitive and viable, is the modern tendency for attracting investors in the European countries. In the advanced European countries as Germany or Holland but in Spain and Italy as well, an intensive development of entrepreneur activities is appeared in the whole range of the smart technologies. This powerful field offers professional and business opportunities as well as well-paid jobs. But Its development in Greece appears big lacking in relation to the European average. Its discrepancy is not due to absolutely the bad financial situation of the country but to the weakness of programming and planning in time. However, in our country Hrakleio and Trikala (Greek cities) invest in this field and Universities plan and study solutions for our cities, as “Improve my city” , “URENIO” laboratory for Thessaloniki. Besides, 70 cities in Greece have already established optical fibers net. THE INFERIORITY IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF “SMART” TECHNOLOGIES AND THE NECESSARY SKILLS OF TECHNICIANSThe plan and the integration of applications demands a high and adequate level of digital skills from the whole of involving workers (mechanics and technicians). The finance cost is not the main problem because there are sponsoring programs from the European union, like Horizon 2020. The technical personnel who is going to work, should have skills in digital technologies, in programming implementation and in to the right establishment of sensors and automation. Inhibitive factor for more development of enterprises in this field is the shortage of native technology because leads to a lack of technicians with knowledge and experience to the organization of production and mainly to the familiarity of European evolution. Besides the technical –vocational education in Greece is inferior to this related field of technology. Our plan, titled “Automations and installations for “smart” cities- a new net in Europe- advanced skills for trainers and trainees”, tries to restore this lack and to become a reason for the improvement of teaching methods of teachers in the 2nd EPAL Evosmou, but to offer professional qualifications to the beneficiary students as well. We planed in cooperation with IFOM which is based in Bologna – Italy and DOMOTYS which is based in Barcelona-Spain two relevant and complementary activities programs to the field of “smart” technologies, that are used for the upgraded environment of “smart” cities. The first concerns the teachers’ training and the second the acquisition of professional experience for the students of our school.THE PARTICIPANTSThe beneficiaries of the plan are ten (10), teachers of technical specializations and twenty (20) students that attend the Electronics, Electrical and Automation section as well as the informatics of the 2nd Vocational High School of Evosmos.Specifically: In the 1st flow, the teachers’ one which is going to last a week, professional meetings with university professors are included, people who form the politics of organization in local government and executive members of businesses who get involved to the field of digital innovation. In the 2nd flow, the students’ one, two weeks lasting theoretical and laboratory lessons are included in training centers, visits in technical enterprises ,so that, the digital skills to be connected and approached to the theoretical ones in to the labor environment. THE EXPECTED BENEFITSTo the area where our school is located the Municipality of Thessaloniki as well as other headquarters of local government, are strongly included to the net of “smart” cities and spread the initial applications, as the one “ ΟASΤΗ information” for smart phones which inform in the arrival of public transport at a station. We hope the content of this plan to promote the students employment, since they are the tomorrow professionals in the labor market.DELIVERABLE COMPONENT AND VIABILITY ELEMENTAt last as deliverable component and viability element of the plan, the participants will develop a few pages manual suitable for the students of EPAL which will include the lesson plans with the supervising material, the assessment tests, as well as the relevant complementary teaching material. This integrated educational manual will be posted to the internet of the URENIO team.
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