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Automation Technicians' Vocational Training Repository

The main goal of the project is to develop a series of innovative, web-based vocational training packages aimed at motivating learning amongst automation technicians. An initial analysis of training needs will be undertaken leading to the development of responsive training material for automation technicians. This training material will comprise both traditional elements (theory, presentations, exercises, competitions) and electronic, interactive simulation (games, competitions). Recent developments in remote experimentation on real physical laboratory equipment will be built upon in developing the web-based training. Learning components will be able to be accessed online and will be able to be used by individual learners (self-learning) and/or integrated into traditional (face-to-face) training programmes. Each of the educational institutions involved in the project will produce one complete web-based vocational training package for automation technicians and one lab-based training tool. A large part of project development will comprise development of and modifications to the lab-based training material. The developed training packages will be piloted with the target group via partners' educational institutions with subsequent evaluation influencing the project's development. One criterion for judging the success of the project will be the impact upon the target group and the number of automation technicians/students using the developed web-based training tools. Results will be hosted on the project website which will contain both publicly accessible information and password protected content.
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