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Auto-training for immigrants
Start date: Oct 1, 2009,

Immigrants’ integration in the host society is full of difficulties. This situation is due to their economical needs, but also because the ignorance of their new society. They ignore the culture and the common habits; their information is confused and usually, it is wrong. Sometimes, they even ignore the language. And they are never asked about what they need. We always think that we are experts about their needs and that we know how they must do everything, without taking into account their opinion.To amend this situation, it is essential to count on immigrants’ direct and active participation. We are not talking about professional training, but training in basic living issues: culture, habits, language… In this context, who better than immigrants to tell us what are their needs?In Europe there already are some training programmes for immigrants. But this project aims to agree on an innovative democratic methodology, with common contents. Thus, the project will analyze similarities and differences among partner territories, to draft a common proposal transferrable to other European areas.The impact of this project will reach to immigrants and trainers, having also influence in local policies. Thus, project’s results will train immigrants on basic knowledge about their new country. Trainers will benefit of a new pedagogical methodology, based on active participation of pupils in creating the training programme. And finally, the project will have an impact in the local policy, having influence to convince authorities to implement a durable training programme, based on participative methodology.The main products and results will be:- Analysis of the training demand coming from immigrants in each partner territory. Elaboration of a common document.- Drafting a Training Programme to give answer to the demand identified.- A communication plan for the project, to disseminate its results at European level and encourage its development in other European areas.
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