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Autism in Pink
Start date: 01 Jan 2012,

Social exclusion of disabled people is a major problem of nowadays society because it affects all aspects of an individual’s life and can result in unequal opportunities in social, economic and political life. Women with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are especially vulnerable social group since being women and disabled at the same time. What is more, they are a neglected group in terms of often being under- or misdiagnosed and ASD in their cases is often hidden behind eating disorders, mental health problems and other illnesses. In this context, Lifelong learning is of a great importance for reducing social exclusion of women with ASD and can importantly contribute to their social integration and enables them more equal participation in social activities. That’s why the project addresses special needs of women with ASD and develops new learning approach through which women with ASD will gain social skills for better navigation of social interactions, empower themselves as disables persons and as women and raise awareness about their existence. The approach will be based on experience learning since women with ASD are not capable of generalizing and can only learn by experience in real situations. That is why they will firstly learn the skills in the learning environment where workshops on different topics such as gender identity, mental health, establishing partner relationships will be organized. Later on, they will be able to test and train the skills learnt in real situation during the study visit, learning camp and international conference. These project activities will also enable women with ASD an active participation in shaping project results such as the documentary film, online book and different public presentations. This is a crucial element of the project since it aims to include women with ASD in all phases of the project in order to stimulate their potentials, teach them about taking the responsibility for themselves and promote active citizenship.
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