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Authentic Learning in Land-Based Education

The project sets out to strengthen VET in agricultural schools through the identification and disseminating of information amongst project partners with regard to current and innovative VET practices. The project partnership comprises members from the EUROPEA association of schools in land-based education. To this end, the project will strengthen the EUROPEA network through its efforts to share information and to improve practices in land-based education. Target groups include students in agricultural schools, in addition to teachers, school managers and teacher trainers. All project partners will be required to prepare and to share information on the current state of teaching in their country's agricultural schools; this will include information on competence-based learning and on social constructivism in learning relating to both education and actual working practice. Examples of good practice in land-based education will be further identified. Based upon the gathered information, project partners will develop expertise in how to establish and deliver lessons to students that take into account ideas on social constructivism and the integration of theoretical knowledge with practice. An outline curriculum and series of teaching tools will be developed by the project partnership to facilitate the delivery of informed and practice-oriented teaching outcomes. This new training material will be both piloted and subsequently evaluated by the project partners. The new learning tools and curriculum will be output onto CD-Rom and in printed form. Extensive dissemination is planned and will make use of the existing EUROPEA network and of the project website.
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