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Auslandspraktikum für Industriekaufleute
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The vocational college BSZ Wertheim would like to give participants the opportunity to take part in an internship in London, UK, in order to broaden their horizon and realize the idea of the European unification. The objective of the project can be identified as the improvement and development of the language and the professional skills of the participants and, in addition, we consider the development of social, intercultural and personal competences just as important for the partakers. The aim will be an integral and extensive broadening of their horizon. As a result, the internship should have a clearly positive impulse for their professional career improving their chances on the employment market, on a national and European level. Furthermore, the experiences gained should help them further develop their personality in order to become responsible and self-confident members of the European society, in which they should take an active part. The project also aims at promoting tolerance and the European understanding by creating networks and establishing new links on a professional as well as on a private level. The 13 participants of the project will have mostly finished their second year of training of becoming Industrial Clerks. They will have the opportunity to do a two- to three-week internship with a company situated in the Greater London Area. The ADC College in London will be in charge of the organizational matters taking care of welcoming the participants and of finding them an appropriate company for an internship. The participants’ objectives will be to use their professional skills in a new work environment and by doing so they will further develop and improve those entrepreneurial skills. While an important objective clearly is the professional development, the cultural and social aspects of such a stay must not be forgotten or underestimated. The trainees will also take part in cultural life of the city of London, which has much to offer. The ADC College will also hold mentoring sessions which every participant will receive as part of the program. In those, a mentor will evaluate the student’s progress on the program, verify the quality of the placement and discuss areas of improvement with the participant. As a result of the internships, the students should develop various competences on a linguistic, professional, social, personal and intercultural level. In the process, they should use their ideas and skills, examine and reconsider them and as a result develop and improve them. Consequently, they should also strengthen their own personality and thus become mature members of the European society and also confident employees. But the development in the process of the project should not be limited to a small number of people. By publishing the experiences, we anticipate a development for both the school community, for the companies involved as well as for the entire region of Wertheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg. The project should prove to be a vivid example for the ideas and hopes of the European unification. In consequence, we hope to help strengthening the authority of the European Union and their institutions. And as a positive side effect, the project will help to support a friendly and peaceful relationship between the people in Europe and essentially worldwide.
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