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Ausbau der Sprachkompetenz zum Zwecke einer Internationalisierung am WSG
Start date: 22 Jul 2016, End date: 21 Sep 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Werner-von-Siemens-Gymnasium is a Gymnasium run by the city of Munich with a natural scientific/technological branch (English, Latin/French) as well as a modern languages branch (English, Latin, French, Italian). More than 60% of our pupils come from a migrant background, who need special tuition in German. At the moment there are no exchange programmes with schools abroad so that our students have only little chances to apply their language skills or to get to know the cultures concerned. Some of the subjects are being taught bilingually, but sciences are not. The purpose of the project is to further the language skills of our students developing the bilingual branch and introduce the relevant terminology. Another aim is the improvement of the language teachers' linguistic and intercultural competence.The positive effect on our language teaching is the improvement of the linguistic proficiencies of our pupils and a higher motivation.The whole project is meant to enhance the pupils' readiness to learn about foreign cultures and languages after finishing school,because in our globalised world intercultural competence is a vital condition as far as the permanently called for mobility in ourmodern business world is concerned. A higher level of language skills promotes our students' willingness to work and study abroad.The six participants of the project are four language teachers and two colleagues from the bilingual section. The teachers' qualification is based on their outstanding commitment and their readiness to further training.In summer 2016 there will be four courses in England and Ireland and two more in France summer 2017. There will be in service training starting in September 2016. Parents and pupils will be informed via homepage.Results will be put in practice in form 5 to 7. ETwinning will be used for this purpose.The project will be evaluated and results will be put in action in our intermediate and advanced courses.After the participants passed on their knowledge, the results will be transferred to French language teaching.The skills acquired in the project concerning new methods, principles of teaching as well as intercultural competencelead to more interesting lessons. In the long run this will increase the pupils' motivation to work harder and it will help teachers to be more content with their job.
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