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Ausbau der Internationalität und Mobilität der Stadtteilschule Kirchwerder unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Aufbaus der "Europaklasse"
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school is an expanding system. During the last five years we have grown to a school with six classes per grade and built up our senior classes. By the increasing number of students and the focus on more skilled students than before, the interest in international contacts and exchange projects grew. The cultural focus of our school promotes the developement and integration of intercultural contacts in our every day life in school. We already perform some exchanges with different countries successfully and bilingual lessons have been introduced in small scope with the profile of the "Kirchwerder Shakespeare Company". Next year we want to strengthen our international profile by introducing the "Europe-class" to our school, which will have a focus on social sciences and language to support the intercultural skills of our students. Bilingual lessons and international projects, leading up to even a work experience in a foreign country, are fix elements of the concept of this class. For this and to answer the increasing request for exchange programmes, our school needs to extend its international contacts. The use of E-twinning as a platform is supposed to help us finding new and fostering new and established contacts. The use of the English language in means of communication within projects and a motivating tuition is supposed to foster the joy of our students to use the language and to develope their communication skills. By developing the profecionalism of our collegues and by the use of modern media in the classroom, we aim a sustainable improvement of our English classes and the extension of bilingual teaching at our school. For these purposes we will begin by sending two teachers with different focuses (language and science) to an advanced training in England in Summer 2015. They will multiply their experiences and knowledge within our staff by training and advising collegues who teach languages or give bilingual classes. By this we hope to encourage more collegues to take part in similar training projects. The improvement in education we gain through this project will be evaluated regularly to ensure sustainability. We will present the achievements of our work in documenting them on our website and in the local media to ensure the long term interest in our project.

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