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Aunando logros para la excelencia: CLIL los cimientos del futuro
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is entitled " Nurturing excellence achievements: CLIL, the foundations of the future". It constitutes the first step towards an ambitious target of our education centre, based on the progressive introduction of non-language subjects that will be conducted in English. Previous experience has warned us of pedagogical fruitfulness of competency approach and the possibilities of CLIL. Our centre has an excellent reputation for its quality standards and has received the recognition of the educational community in the use and application of new technologies (ICT) and is in this context that now we plan to start this new and exciting future project referred within the guidelines of the European Development Plan (PDE) with the same standards of quality and commitment.Among the objectives set in the School Educational Project, we decisively focus by strengthening and promoting cultural exchange as a tool for personal growth of our students. The gradual introduction of teaching of subjects in English (CLIL) should allow improving academic outcomes of students, not only in the linguistic competency of a third language, but also in their own aforementioned subjects.This project also represents a really valuable resource to facilitate the design of future actions KA2. The training teachers’ project is planned to impinge on three areas or departments of our education centre, which would implement curriculum in English the next academic year. Training CLIL language proficiency for the Department of Social and for Maths, as well as training development methodology competency for the Department of Social and a cross-training for the incorporation of new subjects for the Department of Languages for the Department of Languages are requested. The courses are base in a couple of weeks; they include working session’s morning and afternoon. In addition, courses are complemented by cultural visits and job shadowing sessions. Accommodation will be, in some cases, in host families, to enlarge and enhance the linguistic immersion during the stay. The final evaluation of the training will be certified by a detailed accreditation about the course contents besides using the Europass mobility certificate.The process of selection of participants has guaranteed publicity and fairness of selection according to the merits of the candidates and objectives of the School Educational Project. The base of the internal notice contained the subsequent process after the training course, where those teachers must submit a memorandum and direct a minimum of two departmental meetings to convey the contents and their personal experiences during their stay; likewise they are committed to spread their experience into official education agencies when the annual European training grants are announced.The immediate impact of the training course must revert directly to students through the application of new methodologies learned, using new tools of motivation, facilitation of different teaching strategies implemented successfully in other latitudes, adding new resources Technologies of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), ...Students are the real goal of any change and any improvement that school decides to take. We have the full conviction that this new pedagogical approach of our institution will report better academic, empirically verifiable results based on the evolution of Indicator System Centre, and likewise, will result in personal growth, no less negligible, students involved in the bilingual project, raising new concerns, promoting new motivation and training as European citizens, with full awareness of the res publica, and fueling and encouraging such necessary critical thinkingThe long-term success of this project should lead to a model education centre where the different educational strategies revert to the competency of student learning. A common success where students and the community feel pride of its own educational model achieved by all.
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