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Audzēkņu un profesionālās izglītības skolotāju profesionālo prasmju pilnveide Eiropas valstīs
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Erasmus+ Mobility Project "Students and Vocational Education Teachers’ Improvement of the Professional Skills in European countries" is to be implemented in co-operation with partners in Finland (Tampere Vocational College Tredu, and Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Design), in Estonia (Vocational Centre of Parnu County) and in Lithuania (Kauno statybininku rengimo centras). In the framework of the Project there is planned that not only students but also vocational education teachers will go abroad for the exchange of the experience, thereby will be encouraged improvement of the education programmes and qualification practice as well as new teaching methods will be acquired.Cesis Vocational Secondary School has chosen partner organizations from different countries because then students would have a better opportunity to enrich their knowledge, to broaden their horizons and to compare Latvian labor market with other European country. The main target audience of this Project will be vocational education teachers and 2nd to 4th year students of "Manufacturing of Wooden products", "Construction Work" and "Power Industry" programmes, who have got an interest in their specialty and are willing to expand their knowledge in the European level. Main goal of the Project is to improve practical and professional skills of students and teachers by providing the exchange of experience in Estonia, Lithuania and Finland. By this would be ensured the possibility to get acquainted with the new materials in the industry and possibility to work with new technologies. As a result, students' competitiveness would increase and that would facilitate the integration into Latvian and European labor markets and teachers would increase their professional qualification.Project has different goals as well:1) For students:- to improve professional knowledge in studying field;- to acquire new technologies and self-confidence;- to practice and strengthen the knowledge of English language;- to acquire international certificate;- to gain international working experience;- to get to know different EU country, their culture and organization;- to promote attractiveness of vocational education.2) For vocational education teachers:- to increase professional qualification;- to acquire new teaching methods;- to promote the exchange of experience between schools;- to strengthen the knowledge of other languages.Project will be implemented in year 2016 and 2017 by organizing it into 5 flows for students and into 2 flows for teachers. For students each flow will last 16 days and for teachers – 7 days. Total number of planned participants in this Project is 15 students and 2 teachers. Flows of the students:1st flow - October 2016, 2 electrician specialty students in Tampere (Finland).2nd flow - November 2016, 2 electrician specialty students in Tampere (Finland).3rd flow – Autumn 2016 or Spring 2017. 4 carpenter specialty students in Kaunas (Lithuania).4th flow - Spring 2017. 4 joiner specialty students in Parnu (Estonia).5th flow - Spring 2017. 3 joiner specialty students in Ikaalinen (Finland).Flows of the teachers:1st flow – Spring 2017, 1 teacher of joiner specialty programme in Parnu (Estonia).2nd flow – Spring 2017, 1 teacher of carpenter specialty programme in Kaunas (Lithuania).Participants of this project will be ensured with all the necessary practical and organizational support. School will organize the selection process of students, sign the triple contracts, and ensure the placements in Finland, Estonia and Lithuania. School will provide educational training as well as booking of accommodation, ensure the proper catering options and the insurance to each of the participant and will provide supervision and support during the project.Every participant will receive the Europass Mobility document, which is recognized not only in Latvia but also in other countries in European Union. The main results of the Project:- students' professional skills improvement and the competitiveness increase in the labor market;- increase of the professional qualification of the vocational education teachers and new teaching methods implantation in the learning process at the school.- continued cooperation with a long-term partners in the other countries;- school becomes more recognizable not only in regional and national level but also in the international level.For a long-term development of school Project would promote recognition of the school in an international environment and promote the co-operation between different level vocational education providers. Also in the regional level with this project recognition of the school would be promoted. As students in Cesis Vocational Secondary School come to learn from different regions of Latvia, this project would promote not only the recognition of school education programmes but also the attractiveness of vocational education in general.
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