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AU - IEMEE - Intercultural Excellence in Mechatronic Engineering Education
Start date: Nov 1, 2009,

The objective of the proposed project 'Intercultural Excellence in Mechatronic Engineering Education' is split. One part is the exchange of master studentsbetween the EU and the AU partners. The second part is the erection of a new conjoint course in the realm of mechatronic systems.The exchange project provides the possibility for master students to do an industry-oriented research project in the realm of mechatronic systems (e.g. final yearproject) at an overseas partner. The focus here Is that students and their projects are integrated in research projects of the respective host institute. So a verystrong integration of the visiting students in the local research team, consisting of local students and staff, Is achieved and the gained linguistic, Intercultural andtechnical experience maximized. The exchange period Is 4 month per student. A total of 84 students will be exchanged within the project duration (42 studentsfrom EU, 42 students from AU).The second part of the proposed project is the erection of a new course. Its focus is the linkage of the disciplines mechanics, electronics, IT and control theory to amechatronic product. The project partners, each expert in one of the mechatronic discplines, set up this course conjointly during the duration of the project. After thecompletion of the course, each project partner teaches this course at his/her home university.

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