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@rtS: a Passport to European CiTizenShip

This partnership is about cultivating the notion of European citizenship through arts. The students will be involved with activities that will make them acquire knowledge on their culture and different European cultures. They will develop skills in ICT, language learning and creative arts and they will share their material through e twinning.Simultaneously, teachers will exchange ideas about pedagogical approaches. Music, dance, drama, poetry, literature, painting and sculpture will be areas of shared investigation and creation. There will be jointly produced products: a cd with songs, a dvd with dances, a calendar with paintings, a booklet with illustrated stories and a brochure with the “highlights” of the project.Throughout the two years, there will be open festivals of European days. Finally, they will prepare a common theatrical performance and they will present it to the local community and other schools of the area. There is an evaluation plan with questionnaires, group discussions, observation and analysis, which will be performed by students, teachers and the local community , in progress of the project and in the end.
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