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Atmospheric dynamics InfraStructure in Europe (ARISE)
Start date: Jan 1, 2012, End date: Dec 31, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

ARISE proposes to design a new infrastructure that integrates different station networks in order to provide a new “3D” image of the atmosphere from the ground to the mesosphere with unprecedented spatio-temporal resolution. Three existing networks are involved: 1) the International infrasound network developed for the verification of the Comprehensive nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), 2) the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Changes (NDACC) which uses Lidar to measure stratospheric dynamics, 3) the Network for the Detection of Mesopause Changes (NDMC), dedicated to airglow layer measurements in the mesosphere. In addition the network will incorporate complementary infrasound station and satellite data.The infrastructure extends across Europe and outlying regions, including polar and equatorial regions. The network will play a particularly important role in improving atmospheric measurement in the stratosphere. A great deal of recent work has shown that stratospheric variability, primarily caused by large, planetary-scale waves, is important for prediction of tropospheric weather and climate. Additionaly, the network will provide important new measurements of atmospheric gravity waves. Parameterization of gravity waves is needed for accurate simulation of mean climate and variability, but parameters are uncertain due to lack of long-term high-resolution observations.The expected benefits of ARISE are two-fold. First, the measurements will allow a better description of the atmosphere state, leading to an improved accuracy in short and medium range weather forecasts. Second, the measurements will be used to improve the simulation of middle atmosphere climate and its tropospheric impact. In the long term, data will be used for monitoring changes in the occurrence of extreme events and trends in the middle atmosphere climate. The benefits also include civil applications related to monitoring of natural hazards as volcanoes.
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