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Atlantic Strategy to the revitalization of industrial areas (REVITA)
Start date: May 31, 2003, End date: Dec 30, 2005 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The goal of this project is to create and establish innovative territorial development and intervention experiments on those obsolete industrial zones in the Atlantic Area that have a serious impact on economic revitalisation and urban re-use. The project used innovative approaches through performance of three pilot projects, based on "research-action" methodology. The projects analysed the different Atlantic area experiences in industrial renewal: ·Pilot project on correct use of the process at the local, regional, and national levels. ·Pilot project in urban transformation of industrial space. ·Pilot project in functional renovation of industrial space (for companies, technology, and environmental management). Each of these projects touches on the synergies generated in rural and urban areas, because analysis is done on experimental projects completed both in city centres and in their surrounding metropolitan environment. Expected Results: ✔ Design and creation of a website as a way of exchanging and disseminating information and the results of the project. ✔ Creation of a Benchmarking Panel of agencies responsible for initiatives for industrial renewal in Europe to exchange good practices. Several workshops took place to compare practices in regions concerning NTIC applications, incentive bonus schemes for development, financing operations, environmental regulations, management systems and town planning regulations. Creation of a good practice guide tailored to local particularities of each partner and targeting the promotion of companies, environmental management and the redevelopment of industrial areas. ✔ Hosting of three themed seminars in Gijón-Avilés, Porto and Cardiff: Functional renovation (of the company, the technology and management of the environment) of industrial space (60 participants in the first, 60 in the second), urban transformation of industrial space and "governance" of the process at local, regional and national level: Economic regeneration at local, regional and national level (a diagnostic of each region had been done beforehand). ✔ Creation of a common strategic document summing up the main conclusions reached during the project. A database on the key players working with obsolete industrial areas has contributed to the content of the document and made it possible to define renewal strategies. 1000 copies have been produced in Spanish and English. ✔ Final conference "Renewal strategies in industrial zones in the Atlantic Area" in Seville. 17 themed presentations were given, all with the same approach: call for vigilance aimed at the public authorities, real estate operators and companies, when industrial territories are affected for other purposes, in architecture and industrial town planning.

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