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Atlantic Network for Coastal Risk Management (ANCORIM)
Start date: Apr 30, 2009, End date: Apr 29, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The 33 European regions located along the Atlantic coast are home to approximately 70 million inhabitants. The 10-km wide coastal strip covers a total surface area of 194,197 km2 with a length of 25 000 km. These coastal regions are characterised by a strong identity, an authentic international outlook and significant economic potential.These coastal areas must cope with several threats which are making them extremely vulnerable: urbanisation, coastal erosion, pollution, among others. The various issues may potentially be strengthened by the effects of climate change.The project aims to contribute to strengthening the action capacity of coastal actors in the Atlantic regions in terms of management and prevention of coastal risks. It is mainly aimed at coastal managers and decision-makers as well as the scientific community. It proposes to create a network of knowledge, tools and skills between the different European regions of the AA and thus allow resources to be pooled. It promotes the exchange of experiences, disseminates information and provides a joint frame-of-reference between the different stakeholders for integrated management of coastal areas (governance) but also adapt and enhance the existing data to make them accessible to the managers of these coastal areas. Achievements: The project structure is based on three key issues: erosion and stability of the shoreline, coastal water quality and its impact on economic activities, planning of urban and rural coastal areas. For each theme, the project identified the needs of managers and decision-makers related to the access of scientific information. To meet these needs, a survey was made of existing scientific and technical resources in AA, and a network of experts was created. The existing scientific information was also well translated and interpreted to become more accessible to a non-scientific public. Case studies were implemented as well in pilot areas of the project in order to find alternative solutions to the problems identified.ANCORIM created communication tools to support decision makers and strengthen collaboration among coastal managers and the scientific community, contributing to a better management and prevention of coastal risks in the AA.
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