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Start date: 01 Dec 2012,

The project “ATLANTIC HEART - VOLUNTEERING ACROSS THE OCEAN” aims to enhance the young people's path of change, hoping to make a constructive and positive change in several communities of São Paulo, while strengthening them with effective inputs.COR believes that all the volunteers, coming from very different contexts and having access to other kind of opportunities will be able to share their experience and use their skills to interact and connect with the local youngsters, while getting involved in the planned activities of the Hosting Organisation. All the volunteers will be ready for what COR and its partners consider a real and effective Solidarity service.Given this, our volunteers will have access, here in Portugal, to appropriate training and support that will allow them to be better prepared for the Brazilian reality. This EVS is planned to have the duration of 9 months, and during that time, the 4 volunteers will take part in the following activities:- Promoting the active citizenship among youngsters,- Developing intercultural understanding and mutual respect,- Fighting against poverty and discrimination based on age,- Enhancing the active intervention in order to foster mutual understanding among young people in different countries,- Providing useful services and activities to the local communities,- Developing skills towards social entrepreneurship and solidarity between generations,- Reinforce the cooperation between Europe (Portugal) and South America (Brazil),- Supporting and developing activities with children, youngsters and seniors, living whether in foster care or with the HO,- Participating in raising-awareness campaigns, among the population, related to Solidarity between Generations,- Promoting non-formal education-based workshops and round-tables open to children, youngsters and seniors of the communities,-Guaranteeing and participating in the distribution of food or other basic needs that the HO to provide to the communities.
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