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Start date: Apr 1, 2015, End date: Jul 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Fidippides Association was established in Cyprus, in 2006. It is the only club that offers the children with disabilities athletic support and gives them the chance to be included in the community. The children that will participate are children with mental retardation (mild and moderate), psychological and social problems and learning difficulties. The aims of the corporation are the following: a) The sports education of people with disabilities, aiming to include them in the community b) The promotion, encouragement and development of their sport´s spirit c) The provision of entertaining events in order to support them spiritually as well as ethically. We have chosen the topic " Athletics without discrimination" because we believe athletics is a solution to the difficulties of social life since it has the power to bring together people and create human contacts. Also, it is a form of free action and avocation that takes place in specific time and place. This action acknowledges some restrictive rules and its target is in this acknowledgment and it is accompanied with all these intensive emotions, emotions of happiness and the fact that people escapes from their "real life". Athletics is a mutual effect between people and a single action of a person next to another or a person against the other, always in collective framework though. Therefore athletics moves beyond the individualism of a person and creates collective action, sociability and company. In nowadays, athletics moves beyond the limits of countries and brakes down the borders of the states, bringing together the foreigner athletes in the racing place. Consequently athletics contribute to the international relations better than any other factor of cultural activities. Anyone who participates will realize that like him everyone else are people with same abilities and strengths as well as appreciate other people without prejudices and racist perceptions. He will love and feel other people like his own self. The issues that will be dealt through athletics are problems of social alienation, development of relations between people, problems of adopting and applying rules, lack of self-confidence. In this program we will collaborate with the agency "Fundacio Privada Map" from Spain. In overall we will be 36 participants (28 young people with disabilities and 8 escorts). With our topic the participants will be able to develop their knowledge according the notion of solidarity, collaboration, teamwork, friendship between them as well as between the other cultural team, the acceptance and understanding of different mentality. Moreover, we will work all together for a mutual purpose, beyond the limits of playing, in order to pass the message that athletics is a right for every people and that any kind of discrimination are not fitted anywhere, not even in athletics.
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