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Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our institution provides vocational education in fourteen trades. They belong to the fields of catering, commerce, agriculture and food procession. With the implementation of the project, we would like to motivate our students to see and experience that there are things for us to learn from other nations, and that there is a great opportunity to improve our professional and foreign language skills abroad. The Hungarian labour market is still in need of workers who can communicate well in foreign languages. One of the main goals of the project is to provide our students with a perspective and to make them feel at home in Europe in both professionally and personally.In order to increase the professional standards, together with our partners we have decided to implement a project for our students of the catering, commercial agricultural and food industry departments. Within the project, annually 33 students (15 cooks/waiters in Germany, 4 shop assistants, 4 bakers and 2 foresters in Germany and 8 cooks/waiters in Finland) will have the possibility to accomplish a work placement abroad. Our reliable intermediary partners, Dr Edda Henze and WinNova, the vocational training centre have been of a great help for us. Knowing our school and our training system, and also having experience from earlier projects, they contributed us to make out the training programmes for our students, adapting ECVET.One of the main motives for the project is that tourism plays a key role in the life of our town. Commerce, food industry and agriculture are significant supplementary sectors for tourism. The tourist coming to our country visits our shops, consumes bakery products, takes part in hunting tourism and admires the floral town. All this, is certainly not indifferent to the local population either. Without appropriate professional experience and knowledge, our students would have less opportunity on both the domestic and the European Union labour market. The overall objective of the project is to make our students know and later apply an attitude different from that of the Hungarian towards work, customers and guests.The popularity of initial vocational training has declined in the recent years in Hungary. Participation in the project and its results can make this type of training popular again and it will also attract students in their carrier choice to our school. The implementation of the project is also useful for the partner institutions because through common work and our students they will get a taste of Hungary, moreover, the students’ work is a real help for them.Taking part in the work placement abroad promotes our students to acquire professional and linguistic skills and competences and also to apply their existing theoretical knowledge in practice.The majority of students are poorly motivated in the traditional formal school education and they do not get a real sense of achievement. During the work placements in a foreign country by the non-formal and informal learning, their skills and competences develop more effectively. It also provides them with the opportunity to understand the cultures, customs of other countries. With the implementation of the project our students’ self-knowledge, self-confidence and adaptability increases.We launch the project by the publication of the possibility for the students. They have to apply for being a participant. For the selected students we organize preparatory training programs. Students enter into a contract with the receiving and the sending institutions, in which each party undertakes an obligation in the plan.The school will organize beneficiaries' return trip and will take care of contact, communication tutoring and mentoring throughout the entire duration of the work placement. The practical trainings are planned for 13, 8 and 5 weeks long.We are going to share the experiences of the project with other institutions and intend to disseminate the results as widely as possible.
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