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AsylEasy: Videoguide goes Italy
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project's rationale springs from our conviction that the innovative and social potential of young people are the hope that lies in the prospering of our future society. This project strives to realize a Europe in which human rights go truly valued and respected by all its people, by promoting the active citizenship and open dialogue that we consider to be fundamental to a flourishing and democratic Europe. The project focuses more specifically on awareness-raising and information dissemination on the subject of the asylum system and refugee rights. We believe that the need to get clear and true information about refugee rights out there into the public arena is evermore pressing in these two countries. Firstly, information dissemination is paramount because there are ever-increasing numbers of migrants arriving in these countries in the hope of finding legal protection, and these arrivals need to be informed of their legal rights - as well as the operators who work with them. Information is vital because it is the first step towards empowerment, helping people orientate themselves and make informed life choices. Information dissemination on the asylum system is also fundamental because both Austria and Italy have seen a rise in anti-migrant campaigns, scapegoating and racism; sentiments which are often fed by ignorance, false information and "media scares". In a true democratic society, we believe that there needs to be clear and objective information made available to the general public. Citizens - and particularly young people, who are especially vulnerable to manipulation by hate campaigns - need to be offered the chance to hear balanced accounts of the immigration phenomena, allowing them to reach an informed opinion. For these reasons, this project aims to create a range of innovative tools which will help disseminate true and unbiased information on the asylum system, designed in such a way that they are accessible to young people and those, themselves, who are claiming asylum. The project thus has three overarching objectives: (1) to raise-awareness about refugee rights and asylum, amongst young citizens and amongst asylum seekers themselves, offering counter-information to hate/racist campaigning in both countries; (2) to meaningfully involve young actors from the two partner associations as well as asylum seekers and refugees, in the whole project process, empowering them to know (their) human rights and uphold them; (3) to foster a closer partnership between the two partner organisations, allowing the exchange of experiences, best practices, creating a more European-wide network. We intend to fulfil these overarching objectives as we work towards two specific objectives - two innovative "AsylEasy" information-dissemination tools to be produced in both of the partners' countries; (1) the AsylEasy videoguide in Italy: an easy-to-use information tool for young people and other citizens, which informs objectively and truthfully on details regarding the procedure, laws, rights and responsibilities for refugees in Italy 2015; (2) the AsylEasy mobile phone application (app) in Austria: created to facilitate access to the existing Austrian 'videoguide' for those young people who prefer to use modern technology/smart phones. In order to realize these tools, the project will involve the active participation of 25 young people and refugees. We will bring together young people from different backgrounds and migrant backgrounds, harnessing their knowledge, creative skills and competences, empowering them to take an active role in an international youth project. Activities include a first setting-up meeting in Austria, a filming the AsylEasy videoguide international meeting in Italy in summer 2015, and a final presentation and dissemination event later in the year. During these meetings young participants will learn about identity and belonging as a European citizen, as well as the experiences and realities of the asylum system in their countries (Austria and Italy). They will engage in writing a script, storyboarding a film, drawing graphic images for the film and learning about the "simple show method" for making a short information film. In sum, they will follow the film-making process from start to finish, and then see their work rendered even more accessible as it becomes integrated into an innovative mobile phone app. This is an exciting project, fostering a collaboration between two engaged and highly socially active youth organisations in Austria and Italy. Having already celebrated great success with their first videoguide in Austria, the Plattform is super motivated to transfer their knowledge to their Italian counterparts. Both organisations are forward-thinking, planning for beyond the project and looking to how the AsylEasy tools can be made available to large numbers of the target population, thus continuing to truly contribute to educating about human rghts and the asylum system.
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