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Astrobiology and Space Missions Road Mapping (AstRoMap)
Start date: Oct 1, 2012, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

AstRoMap (Astrobiology Road Mapping activity) is a Coordination action that aims at providing the European Planetary Science Community with a road map in space science and astrobiology. The goals of the project are: (i) to pose big scientific questions that could be answered with the help of space missions, and (ii) to identify according space missions to be developed in future programs. Project work include the organization of expert panels and international workshops open to the scientific community in order to discuss about those big questions and the science objectives that could be accomplished by space missions. The main deliverable would be a road map which will include, at least, the following aspects: the identification of a minimum number of missions, ordered by priority, which could shed light over the questions identified as the big challenges for the next decades of space exploration; the evaluation of the technological challenges on the space mission aspects as well as the identification of Earth Analogues to test scientific hypothesis and instrumentation. The last aspect will establish the synergies and links with the terrestrial (extreme environments) side of the project with important social benefits. The driving force of the work will be the identification of next generation technologies for space missions which could also be used for new industrial applications on Earthas socio-economicreturn. Finally, the last but not least aspect would be the involvement of the private sector which would be the main actor for new industrial technology developments to become real. AstRoMap will provide the ideal scientific and technical environment to fully analyse the new technological developments and instruments for preparing the next generation of space missions. AstRoMap will play a vital role in establishing the European Community as a leading player in planetary and space exploration.

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