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Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Turkish garment sector is the world’s 6th largest garment sector. The part in value of 20 billion dollars of the production in the worth of about 30 billion dollars is exported. There are around 18.500 manufacturing/exporting companies 90% of which is small and medium sized enterprise and which manufacture export-oriented in Turkey. 11.000 of these companies are active in the garment field. The number of the companies operating in the sector is around 43.000. About 750.000 registered people are employed in these companies (2014, Sector Report).Our project aims to provide training on ASSYST Bullmer Computerized Pattern System and to meet the needs of the garment sector, which has the capacity to grow rapidly and employ more people, by training qualified personnel for the sector and to increase the employment rate of our students in line the specific knowledge and skills to be acquired by our students.Our 11th and 12th grade students from the branches of Women's Clothing Design, Children's Clothing Design and Garment Model Mechanic of the Department of Clothing Technology will participate in our project. The project will be implemented under the leadership of our school Yıldız Selahattin Mıstıkoğlu MTAL (Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School). Groups of 12 participant students will be determined from our school and these students will do internship in the hosting organizations in the Czech Republic, Italy and Romania for 2 weeks.Through the internship the participant students will be able to create all stages of pattern preparation such as basic pattern blocks, seriation and cloth plan by using computerized pattern preparation techniques with Assyst Cad system. They will also make practices improving the practice of pattern preparation with different kinds of applications; and attend the activities related to pattern preparation in accordance with the size, pattern corrections and model applications, seriation techniques, cloth layout preparation and creating patterns over sewn clothes.The methodological steps within the project are acting in accordance with transparent criteria, ensuring equal opportunities, prioritizing the students' safety, supporting the students with guidance services and preparatory works, prioritizing the practice-oriented activities, maximizing the benefit evaluation activities and attributing special emphasis on dissemination activities.At the end of the project the participant students will have learned to use the relevant programmes and gain great confidence from the professional point of view. These students who will have completed this programme will be able to be employed in small and medium sized textile enterprises, pattern offices or in their own workshops. This situation will help the participants stimulate their entrepreneurial spirit and the relationship between the sector and vocational high schools improve at the same time. Moreover, our students' social skills and cultural background will improve and they will become more preferable in the sector as their compliance with responsibility and team work will improve and their foreign language skills will develop.With the achievement of the expected goals of the project, our schools will be modernized and their international experience will increase and by this means their recognition and respectability will also increase. In the long term, the society's negative perception of vocational high school will be enhanced by increasing the quality of these schools. An important step will have been taken to reach the long term goals of our country through the contributions the project will make to the industrial development. A total of 36 students and 3 accompanying teachers will participate in the project flows will be executed in the Czech Republic, Italy and Romania on the dates 13th November 2016- 26th November 2016, 4th December-17th December 2016 and 8th January 2017-21st January 2017 respectively.
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