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Assisting peRsonal GUidance System for people with visual impairment (ARGUS)
Start date: Oct 1, 2011, End date: Jul 31, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Visually disabled people have striking needs for trustful navigation systems enabling for efficient mobility services, mainly considering safety and autonomy. In this context, satellite positioning and navigation technologies available are being implemented in innovative personal navigation devices. But existing products and solutions based on GNSS fail because they lack accuracy and integrity, they don't provide a suitable and efficient man-machine interface adjusted to this user segment, or rely on costly infrastructures.ARGUS project focuses onto a satellite based navigation (GNSS/ EDAS) terminal for people with impaired visually capabilities, guiding them along pre-defined tracks (pre recorded or automatically calculated route), using specifically designed HMI such as acoustic and haptic signals. ARGUS project introduces the opportunity to develop an innovative guidance support system for visual impaired people based on the provision of a track perception to the end user through holophonic technologies. Neither research or patents, nor products, have solved the problem of providing a track line perception. Track perception would allow blind people to imagine the geometry of the path and walk along it. This will provide "track navigation" instead the classical "waypoint or route navigation" which is used for car navigation or people with all visual capabilities. This project focuses on visually impaired community which requires some modification to the traditional navigation guidance providing them personal inclusion and integration into daily life. Information collected by the users, will be gathered in a server supporting a social network where Argus users (and also any other user who could benefit from the data collected) could access web services delivering useful information that can increase safety or enhance the experience when performing outdoor activities.The user groups identified for ARGUS are visually impaired people, covering all levels of visual impairment, and also people working in environments with low visibility. Elderly people could in many occasions be included among such groups.

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