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Assisting Migrants
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Airbe Harmonie is a NG Organisation, which assists migrants from Eastern Europe since the 2000s. But currently, it does not only work with Eastern Europe migrants, the field has widen. The aim of our organisation is to help out adult foreigners and every kind of migrants (as Roma, asylum seekers, political migrants and so on) to rebuilt their lives, to reintegrate in a new life in all new country, in general, we try to give them a new chance for their future. The AirBe Harmonie primordial aim is to favour the educational, social and cultural integration of every type of migrants and foreign people. We organize permanent education activities, seminars where they come and exchange their ideas about different topics, and meetings, as our culinary workshop where migrants exchange their culture with others, without being or feeling excluded. The aim of the European Development Plan is to make certain that the planned mobility activities are pertinent for the individual participants and for the organisation. We have to make sure that the actions will have a positive hit on the quality of teaching and learning, and should illustrate that the proposed activities connect with the organisation’s wider European/International strategy, so our mission is to improve lives of those who face severe and multiple disadvantages as poverty, social exclusion, racism, discrimination and so on. We want to be a part of this training because we have noticed that too much migrants see their future with more of apprehension and fear than confidence. The aim is to raise awareness among adults to the promoting of the human rights, social rights, and also the riddance of poverty, racism and exclusion. The final outcome is to come to a large-bodied project for Erasmus+ program, on the theme of "Human Rights and the fight against exclusion with, for and by the migrants". Objectives: it is primordial that we promulgate an universal culture of Human Rights thanks to the education, in parallel with other international organizations. It is also important to involve vulnerable groups of migrants, to support them during their hard times, to improve the lives of people facing severe and multiple disadvantages, to fight against the social exclusion and discrimination. We have to improve our services by gaining competencies and skills that had to be improved or learnt, we have to widen our knowledge about every type of migrants in order to give them the right advice. For this improvement, the foreign language is a boundary. For that, we would like to send members of our staff abroad, in order to learn new things, and to improve the language skills. The overall goals to achieve in short and long term are the creation of mechanisms for people to participate actively to the building of an harmonious interethnic democracy and a culture of peace, in the field of equality and the struggle with discrimination and exclusion; to go into their knowledge in depth about the situation of migrants from disadvantaged areas and their vulnerability; the exchanging experiences with participating people from diverse countries; the creation of a contact network with leaders of each country; to provide solutions and strategies to allow the improvement of education on Human Rights and social rights of migrants in their country; the living of an intercultural experience with participants from each involved country in similar programs; and finally to provoke the willingness among participants to take part in international large-bodied projects, whose main topics are the migrants, their rights, a sustainable development and the creation of an exchange program in Erasmus+ framework.
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