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Assisting humans with special needs: curriculum for HUman-TOol interaction Network
Start date: Oct 15, 2012,

The HUTON will develop the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary curriculum and the training network for the optimized use of technology that improves the quality of life of humans with special needs with the following specific objectives: 1. Development of the new interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary accredited curriculum leading to the degree of specialist in the domain of technologies for humans with special needs.2. Setup of the training network in RS in the domain of mechatronics, rehabilitation engineering and medicine, and neurorehabilitation that enables the delivery of the new interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary curriculum.3. Training of staff for providing on-the-job education and new employment opportunities; hence providing better medical services for humans with special needs.The HUTON curriculum will develop skills for better services for humans with special needs. The HUTON graduates need to think analytically and creatively, examine issues from a wide variety of perspectives, identify problems and employ appropriate strategies toward their solution, know how to locate, evaluate and apply information needed to solve a problem, use scientific methods of inquiry and apply modern technology. HUTON should also assist students to become effective communicators who read, listen and view interpretively and critically, and communicate in an organized and clear manner. The training philosophy is envisioned in accordance with established educational principles: mentor-guided studying, self-directed learning, individual and group mentoring, and structured information delivery in the form of workshops, lectures and seminars. The training will be supported and enhanced through the use of e-learning. The training strategy for within the HUTON network is based on student-centered learning, integrated trans-disciplinary skill training and individualized skill development planning. We will implement MOODLE module for the complete new curriculum.
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