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Aspects of string Theory (AST)
Start date: 01 Oct 2007, End date: 30 Sep 2010 PROJECT  FINISHED 

String Theory is the most promising candidate for a theory of quantum gravity that we have. Indeed, it is hoped that it encodes all the physics we see in the experiments, and therefore it is regarded as a theory of everything. As such, it is believed that String Theory should give answers to some of the most fundamental questions, such as the nature of gravity, or the origin of the Universe. It is also important to mention that the next few years are extremely exciting, not only for String Theory, but for all Theoretical Physics, since the inauguration of LHC (the newest CERN collider outside Geneva) and the next generation of cosmic observers (such as PLANCK), should give us for the first time the opportunity of comparing String Theory with real experiments. In this proposal we plan to investigate several lines with the purpose on mind of further understand what has String Theory to say about those fundamental questions.In particular, we plan to study String Theory in space like singularities, such as the Bi g Bang. Since very recently, we have some models coming from String Theory in which there is a Big Bang singularity inside the proper regime of validity of the model. This opens up a very exciting arena to study what can String Theory say about the origin of the Universe. In addition we would like to investigate some fundamental aspects of gravity. For example we have some proposals in the context of black holes, which could end being related with some variations of the baryon vertex. In addition there are other several proposals.
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