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Aspe Natura
Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Aspe Natura. Proyecto medioambiental" will take place in the city of aspe and surroundings. Aspe is a town hall located in the inside area of the province of Alicante, Valencian Community. It has a population 20,360 citizens. The province of Alicante has a mediterranean climate and also enormous environmental value.At present, we can see how the impact provoked by the humans beings on the environment it is deteriorating our planet and finishing our natural resources, with the consecuent lowering of the quality of life in the general society. For this reasons, it is important to aware youngsters about that social problem, because they are the ones that will look after our planet in the future. The number of participants is of 28 in all, the ages vary between 16 and 22, including the leaders of each group. This project is promoted by a group of young people with solidarity vocation that regularly attend to the Center of Information for the Youth in Aspe and who are highly motivated so as to improve their reality and acquire new experiencies that may let them be enriched and grow personally.The young european iniciative that we like to make, will try to give young people a knowledge of some resources, actions and natural spaces that are at disposal in the area, promoting in this way strategies of conservation of the environment and improvement of the surrounding, through educational activities, such us voluntary work, awareness and leisure. Those activities will help to learn about our natural sorrounding and also how to improve it according to our capacities. This project implies a solidary compromise with the surrounding and also with the society in which we are inmerset, because it facilitates the direct actions on the problemas of our area but it also powers the enviromental educations with methods of non-formal and informal education. With this project it is wanted to change the attitudes and behaviour of the own participants and influence with this actions of the rest of the citizenship, having as a goal the environmental protection. Through different activities and a multicultural coexistence valius will be encourage and also democratic and solidarity attitudes, by means of cooperation and practise of habits healthy life styles, respecting our zone.The activities are directed to the awareness with the environment, the habits promoting both the protection and the conservation of the same, being creative using theater as a means of sensitization, to the experience of sharing and improving the personal competences and attitudes and also the european participation of the young.The project is born as an iniciative of the young to find a space for sharing and interacting with people from other countries with whom they have interests. As from the begining they are involved in the development and planification of the project in an active and participative way. The same youngsters will be the protagonists and its going to depend to a great extent to them, to create an atmosphere of cooperation and participation. For that reason they are going to work previously the arrival of the partners on determinated techniques, activities and competences favouring proper development of diferent actions. When finishing every exchange day we will have meetings to value and evaluate those activities and experiences shared before. This experience will give them a wider range of what is happening at an environmental level in our environment and enabling them to influence in it, modifying it and improving its vision. Thus, their motivation and interest in learning, acquiring new experiences and participation and collaboration with people from other countries and cultures will allow them to become citizens more tolerant and caring , contributing to its formation in values for a more respectful fraternal and democratic Europe.In addition, through the dissemination of theater and the editing of the video on the project experience "Aspe Natura" we will advertise the Erasmus + programme and we will promote the knowledge and the protection of the environment .Summing up, we direct our efforts to youngters in Aspe and to the public in general to know and be part of the projects that can be done from the European Union , building a respectful and responsible model of coexistence with the environment, with others and with themselves
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