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Asistencias sanitarias y clínicas.
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CONTEXT: The I.E.S. " Primero de Mayo " in G.C. , Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, it receives 1250 pupils, of which 1040 they are of F.P (Vocational training ). The educational equipment it is formed by 85 persons of great dedication in his educational labor. Once established the System of Management, according to the parameters of the ISO Norm 9001, and Commitment European Excellence, happens that the level of attainment of the aims is positive and we bet in the improvement in terms of transfer of the knowledge and internationalization. AIMS: To help to the students to adapt to the needs of the labor European market. To allow that the students should develop specific competitions included (F.C.T) (workplace training) the linguistics, and that extend his knowledge on the economic and social culture of the country of reception while they acquire labor experience.Promote cooperation between institutes and companies.Contribute to job placement and international experience as professionals.Prevent early school leaving.Promote solidarity. Quality of educationNo. AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS:The participants are 16 students (4 Emergency Technicians, 6 Pharmacy Technicians, 6 Nursing assistants) for student mobility in companies and 6 staff mobility for training for teachers. All start with a high motivation to develop more effective and innovation skills in other countries, for the benefit of the school and productive environment.The participants have a high degree of involvement in solving international problems, responsibility towards the global community, the belief that we can help in trouble refugees and immigrants living in the EU and also seek the added value of mobility: linguistic, cultural and good practice.They also help design experience through this new content in curricular projects. Thus motivation and demand to participate in new experiences is created, which will result in a professional improvement of this sector, which requires a high qualification and language skills necessary to be a tourist area Canarias.ACTIVITIES:The activities under the FCT (workplace training), integrated into the work activity of the company in these regions. Expansion of new contexts of learning and teaching resources in the classroom. Activities to provide students with communicative exchange with other Europeans using other languages and socio-cultural knowledge. Activities related to the use of ICT and sending information in a foreign language. Implementation by teachers of home-made materials with what they learned in the courses. These materials will be shared with other centers. Activities aimed at developing the portfolio. Activities aimed at promoting solidarity and cooperation with the underprivileged. Celebration Days of dissemination of results, etc. press to open our classrooms outside.METHODOLOGY:a) Monitoring work plan designed.b) Award by the formal procedure approved mobility activities, according to the funding received. c) Participation in the mobility activities.d) Publication and dissemination of educational experiences.e) Monitoring and evaluation.EXPECTED RESULTS AND IMPACT:Students benefit in performing tasks of improving language learning more motivating; in collaborative work with European centers across platforms and forums, and to improve their attitudes valuing other cultures. Teachers will benefit in being able to share experiences and update educational processes;The educational community will benefit in knowing the culture of other countries through participants blog and through the center of the activities carried out and the possibility of cooperation with NGOs.The town will benefit from the impact means that it is known in European towns of mobilities.Increased skills, change of attitudes, improved teaching and learning process.Improved management of the center, the pedagogical / curriculum framework, modernize the center, and its projection. Maintaining relationships with partners, transfer of innovation, networking.Student recruitment is facilitated by direct contact with them.Companies in our region will have a better trained employees generating positive impact.LONG TERM BENEFITS:Increased motivation in updating teaching-learning processes. Vocation of medical aid in the EU in helping refugees and immigrants. Increased European involvement. Exchange of educational experiences. Greater integration of ICT to share information. Have opportunities to improve knowledge, understanding of other languages and cultures
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