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Arts and Tradition: Learning and Sharing
Start date: Sep 8, 2014, End date: Jul 24, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Arts and Tradition: Learning and sharing" is to initially examine the technical , cultural and creative stakeholder knowledge , selecting an element of artistic creation within the host country / city. Proceeding thereafter at a definition of the universe of action ( development of a concept ) , research and analysis through graphical and photographic record , running a project within the technological areas involved ( Communication Design - Multimedia, Scenic Art for the Theatre, Textile Design and jewelery) using techniques and technologies unavailable in the school 's home country. According to the National Commission for UNESCO , the societies of the twenty-first century require an increasing number of creative , flexible , adaptable and innovative workers , thus evolving according to changing needs . So the art is both a manifestation of culture and communication of cultural knowledge . Every culture has its artistic expressions and their specific cultural practices. Cultures in their diversity , and their creative and artistic products represent contemporary and traditional forms of human creativity that contribute to the enrichment of society . The first evaluates more of this project arises from the possibility of the research and research being conducted in the field and the players can contact with artistic and technical reality of another country . Since there are four groups in three countries subsequently enable an exchange of knowledge between groups of different areas on the lived artistic reality in each country involved , culturally enriching group of participants involved and those close to them ( students and teachers ) . Thus, as the fact that they are in a foreign country will give participants the opportunity to practice a foreign language that will help build communication between schools in different countries. There are still added in the implementation monitored and mediated work / value workshops, as well as the possibility of handling the material, original instruments and tools " know-how" . The intended duration of this stage is 5 days in the case of school staff and between two to three weeks allocated between the January and March 2015 , the School nº 3 of Madrid, School of Arts and Design in Liepaja ( Latvia ) and The Secondary School of Applied Arts ( Prague ) . The project is intended to fifteen students with level III training in the field of graphic arts , Scenic Art for the Theatre, textile design and two teachers from the technological field of jewelery . With the project " Arts and Tradition : learning and sharing" aims to develop in participants the skills and competencies to improve the productive and creative capacities through international opportunities and acquire new skills, abilities, skills, thereby promoting motivation , opportunities for growth, a widening of horizons and competitiveness in the labor market ; promote the entrepreneurial spirit in the participants, encourage the learning of modern foreign languages and facilitate the development of innovative practices in education and training between the transfer. Further develop and encourage a common work in order to tackle new areas of training, new ways of acquiring knowledge and skills. Aims to the end of the exchange, each participant will receive a certificate of attendance and Europass mobility. Participants will have the mission disseminate results / experiences through presentations to the school community , workshops , exhibitions and even the disclosure will be made through websites / blog and social networks on the internet and in local media .
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