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ARTraining Course, POWER to YOUth Workers
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Feb 29, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Poverty is an important topic in the whole world, but by now still one that is only discussed behind closed doors. There are different reasons and backgrounds of poverty within the EU. The fact of being poor is very harmful for the youth and also to the whole society because the youth is the next generation as well as the spirit of the future. Therefore our project focuses on poverty among the youth with all its problems, chances, risks and possibilities. The main reasons for starting this project are to support the youth workers from the different countries in order to gain some new tools for dealing with poverty and the youth. People who are working with the youth in this sector often don’t have a lot of input and ideas of who to handle and support the youth with their problems. The circle should be broken by consciousness and active movements. For this we are using art – culture methods which have the main advantage, that every individual can use it as they prefer. Art does not have barriers, like for example education, language, gender, etc. Participating youth workers will come from different countries with different experiences and ways on dealing with problems, consequently this project will offer a perfect space for sharing and learning. The learning outcomes will also provide a further impact in the future, because build network. In order to deal with the whole topic and gaining more practices the participants will carry out the ideas as multipliers in their whole environment. Objectives and outcomes: • Sensitizing for artistic medias and methods in the prevention for poverty and the fight against poverty • Experiencing the possibilities of self expression within different art methods • Sharing of experiences, information and ideas within a safe and prejudice free environment • Getting to new tool for expression in the shape of art, culinary art and moving art • Taking a close look on the theory and the background of poverty and the ways of dealing with it among the youth work and the topic of the project • Identifying of potentials as possibilities, valuation of risks within the youth work in combination with poverty • Valuing the own identity and human needs as well as being an idol and multiplier • Reflecting on theory and practice with in the topics of the project: getting out of the passive victim role to the active designer of the own life, from art to capital, awareness that change starts with yourself • Developing of strategies, tactics and new tools for the conscious handling and dealing with poverty and the concerned people We as hosting organization invite all youth workers above the age of 18, who are confronted with poverty in any kind to participate in the project.
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