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Start date: Dec 31, 2004, End date: Dec 30, 2007 PROJECT  FINISHED 

PIMMS aims to create more effective mobility management policies which can be absorbed into regional transport and sustainability policies. The project aims to create stronger regional transportation strategies that take into account environmental and social concerns. Experience from successful initiatives will be transferred to other regions. Achievements: Achievements so far PIMMS asks: how can mobility management be adopted more effectively in regional policy? The project methodology is 1. ESTABLISH a methodology for benchmarking the use of mobility management (defined using 8 domains). 2. Use 1 to BENCHMARK (a) partner-region actions, and (b) known best practice examples 3. Use 2 to DEVISE A PROGRAMME of best-practice visits between partners and to other EU regions (8 per partner), 4. Use 3 to expose senior decision-makers to successful examples of mobility management. 5. Use 1 to (a) REPORT the outcomes of the visits, (b) COMPARE the outcomes to cross-fertilise between domains; 6. Use 6 to prepare regional mobility management ACTION PLANS. 7. DISSEMINATE THE OUTCOMES via (a) websites (b) 3 conferences in each region; (b) end-of-project report and conference; (c) a DVD. COMPONENT 1: PROJECT MANAGEMENT. We have had an excellent experience, well supported by the JTS. In Period 5 we received additional funding and in Period 6 we received approval for a revised budget. COMPONENT 2: LEARNING. (1) A DATABASE OF BEST PRACTICE is available via the project website, from which a summary report can also be downloaded. In 2005/6 we identified >200 examples of good practice in mobility management, covering the 8 domains by which PIMMS work is structured. In addition we carried out a self-benchmarking exercise, so that each partner has been able to identify its strengths and weaknesses against the background of the database. During Period 5 the PIMMS database was subject to extensive review by mobility management experts, with substantial improvement to the quality of the entries, which now number 227. (2) 72 STUDY TOURS AND STAFF EXCHANGES have taken place, and through these we have identified 120 Critical Success Factors. 70% of the visitors have been key decision-makers. 13 Study Visits were to regions outside PIMMS, and 6 visits were made by non-PIMMS (new Member State) regions. COMPONENT 3: DISSEMINATION. 4 project newsletters have been prepared (PDF on website), the project- and partner- websites are active. PIMMS has delivered regionally. 22 regional conferences have reported back to regional partners on the findings of the Study Tours and Staff Exchanges undertaken; partners have produced 39 brochures and 15 newsletters. They have organised 65 Dissemination events and attended 103 other events. 150 articles about PIMMS have been published in the media. A particular highlight in Period 6 was a 6-way interregional link up during European Mobility Week (Sep-07), with presentations from all 8 PIMMS partners. A multi-lingual PIMMS DVD has been produced.

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