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‘ARTACTION’ - Global Volunteering.
Start date: 01 Mar 2012,

The venues: Liverpool, United Kingdom; Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Oslo, Norway; San Jose, Costa Rica; Cape Town, South Africa; and Port of Spain, Trinidad. The type of EVS project: Group European Voluntary Service. The themes: Arts and Culture.The objectives are to: • Provide quality mobility opportunities for young people with fewer opportunities.• Enable volunteers to take part in and contribute to arts and cultural learning programmes within diverse communities.• Have experience of assisting in the coordination cultural and community events.• Bring together volunteers to work with professional artists and develop work with an emphasis on encouraging intercultural dialogue.• Support volunteers in their personal and professional development.• Develop the capacity of the volunteers and hosting organizations to take an active part in future ‘Youth in Action’ projects and other international initiatives.The duration of the Service(s): 6 months (Stage 1, 3 months - Stage 2, 3 months)The countries involved: United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Costa Rica and the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.The number of volunteers: 12.The implemented activities: The volunteers will assist in developing and delivering arts projects and community celebrations and shadow professional practitioners. This project will enable the volunteers to gain a range of new competencies that will develop their professional skills, increase their employability and prepare them as youth multipliers within their own communities. The methods applied will be non-formal trainings, intercultural workshops, group work, discussions and performances. Volunteers will also develop the knowledge, skills and experience needed to develop and manage projects in multicultural and intercultural contexts. The intercultural experience will impact not only at a local level as volunteers will be supported and encouraged to use their new found skills in their own national contexts.
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