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Art school: a new way to educate
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Apr 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The idea of this project is the develop of a School of Arts, a space to development of artistic skills in children and young people by offering, for these, cultural and artistic activities. The school will be developed in TOCA, the cultural space of the association but still we will take these activities to schools, associations and other district entities. This project will work important thematics for proper psychosocial development of children and youth, encouraging them to feel a greater taste for school and, consequently, obtaining a higher academic success and at the same time, making them feel part of a group, which will promote the social inclusion of children and young people who are most marginalized.Volunteers will have the opportunity to develop their own projects, with the guidance of an artist with wide experience in the field an can thus develop various skills that will be crucial for their personal and professional careers.In partnership between Portugal, Spain and Italy, and given its geographical proximity, it is expected that at the end of the project, you can create a cultural network between the three countries. The objectives of this project are: Give volunteers an opportunity to develop their projects; Provide expert guidance to volunteers; Promote cultural and artistic activities for children and youth; Promote leisure activities for children; Encouraging their creativity and sensitivity; Combat failure and social exclusion through artistic practices; Support schools, associations and other entities in the promotion of artistic activities; Run courses, workshops, and music lessons, dance, theater, photography, drawing , painting, writing, among others; Hold exhibitions, concerts, shows and other cultural events open to the community, create a cultural network between Portugal, Spain and Italy. In order to achieve a good momentum in this project we want the volunteers, involved in this project present a profile with the following characteristics:Responsible, motivated, versatile, self-willed, organized, enterprising, enthusiastic and sociable. It is also important that the volunteer has knowledge in the areas of music, dance, theater, photography, painting, drawing or writing, and preferably, skills in working with children and young people.In order to achieve the objectives will be integrated into our association four volunteers for one year, from Spain and Italy, selected countries due to its geographical proximity to Portugal and because of the ability to learn the Portuguese language , which will be essential to the development of the entire project . The tasks of the volunteers will undergo develop artistic activities for children and young people, encouraging their creativity and sensitivity through music workshops, dance, theater, photography, drawing , painting , writing, among others. After the development of various activities, volunteers will develop dissemination events of the developed products are exhibitions, concerts , shows, among others.In its tasks, the volunteer will have the opportunity to develop more expertise in the fields of music, dance, theater, photography, painting, drawing or writing as well as in working with children and young people. The volunteer will have the opportunity to learn from artists with several years of experience in the field, which will be very important in the development and acquisition of technical and vocational skills. This project will give them the opportunity for personal development and various skills that will be useful throughout life, such as autonomy, proactivity, dynamism , teamwork , leadership , time management , conflict , teams, among many others.The project aims to have an effect in the medium and long term by offering, for example, a wide range of professional perspectives and thus different careers.Project activities will be integrated into programming Braga: Ibero-American Youth Capital 2016, obtaining a greater impact, given the number of people we can reach. Braga want to make a more open city to culture and more sensitive to the difference, you know it the potential and wanting to be part of change.We hope this project change may mentalities in the long run, have a great impact on the education system, reaffirming the importance of art in the psychosocial development of children and youth and its great influence on academic success , social inclusion , in unformatting and development creative , essential thought in the personal and professional lives of young people.
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