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The aim of the project is to improve our art knowledge and use it to learn, in an engaging way, about our European neighbours' culture, especially celebrations.We'll work together improving relations within our schools and between other European schools. Most of the work in our project will be common to all partners and the cooperation and communication between countries will help pupils to become aware of being a part of Europe. Despite our different cultures, we are similar and our project will make students in all partners' countries aware of that.We'll try to use creative artistic expression, in which all the pupils of different ages will be involved. We would like to demonstrate with it that age is not a barrier to working together. On the contrary- it's a source of our enrichment.The use of ICT skills will be present in our activities not only to communicate, but also to capture, record and organize work. We'll share all celebrations, activities and works. Through ICT tools we'll be able to feel a part of the partners' community despite being far away, as well as developing our ability to listen to and understand spoken messages from partners.

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