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Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

ART IN ACTION - YOUTH CREATIVE TOOLS project is an effect of connecting ideas of young people and and youth workers. It shows that we all have equal opportunities and that art and learning are universal language through which we can achieve various goals. This project involves 44 participants from from Poland, Ireland and Italy.It addresses the current issues in the contemporary life of young Europeans. The activities planned in the project came from references to needs and issues which are important for participants from the skills and experience which can pass each other.The project is bringing up issues concerning cultural diversity, long lifel earning, healthy lifestyle and creativity.Youth participating in the project come from different backgrounds and cultures, some groups are people with fewer opportunities. Everyone is interested in joint activities, open to new challenges and interesting opportunities posed by working in an international group.The project aims to help young people in their future careers mainly through the ability to use knowledge, experience and skills. Instills a valuable habit of healthy living and self-reflection and self-development. The exchange is developing a sense of European citizenship and deepening the cultural awareness.Young people are forming their opinions. Then they develop tolerance for other cultures and learn the interpersonal communication. Young people learn that it is worthwhile to work together.Participants demonstrate their creativity and initiative using various interactive methods of action (workshops, happenings, role play, interdisciplinary activities, urban games and off-road games, outdoor activities) and work as volunteers during the meetings with the elderly. They learn each passing skills peers and other people or groups.During the presentation and formal meetings they will be promoting the Erasmus+ program and possibilities it offers.Activites in form of debates, discussion, brainstorming or interviews will help for them determining and analysis of difficult problems and learn how to approach creatively to solve them.The result of the project is an individual and social development of participants and their deepened civil, European and cultural awareness. It will prepare young people for effectively deal for future professional career path. Young people initiating and participating in joint implementations projects "Erasmus + enriched by a good time, new skills, competences and interesting.Seeded participants need to take the initiative and actively brings benefit both youth and society.Picture stories will be a tangible result in the form commemorative albums the same exhibition of artworks of and audio-visual products. Next the cycles of the presentation and workshops for other target groups (above all for elderly people) and of integration actions (running with the mission, flash-mob)Another result of the project will be to develop participants’ skills and raise awareness of its potential. It will change the approach to education of people who leave school early, at the same time increase the chance of young people in the labor market. The knowledge and skills acquired during the project will help to introduce and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.The ability of reflection, creative thinking and active life helps with the personal development of the participants. The main idea of our project is that we should look for what is common instead emphasize what divides us tand hat it is worthwhile to learn throughout life.

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