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ART for your future!
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Apr 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "ART for your future" is an international training course for youth workers under the Key Action 1 of the Erasmus+ Program. It aims to form youth workers to trainings and workshop activities, to develop a united European network among the youth supporting the use of visual arts as anon formal education tool and to promote citizen expression. Its objectives are: - To develop instruments tools and methods to use visual arts in non formal education and for citizens expression projects, having precise objectives of learnings and skills - To provide the participants technical expertise and practice on photography, video and graphic design - To practice tools and methods for team building and collective work, project management, organization of cultural events, tools of communication, dissemination and follow up in order to plan actions back in their country - To create a space for exchange of experiences for youth workers and facilitate them to share their best practices through workshops, helping each other to develop their training skills - To assess best practices and common pitfalls to realize a document of best practices of visual arts in non formal education and for citizen expression - To develop a common understanding between participants and organizations to support innovative project on the subject - To discuss future means of distribution of knowledge to extend the impacts of the project at a local and regional level and promote it - To create an European network that will share ideas and work together during following projects The project will be held in the region and will gather 31 youth workers coming from 9 program countries. The participants which the project will gather are all members of the youth partner organisations, interested to develop their competences and to multiply the effects of the project within their local communities. The target group is composed of youth workers, trainers, motivated youth on the subject or project managers all actively involved in the youth sector and having experience in non formal education with arts. The program of the course will be based on non formal education and will be conducted using an interactive and participative approach. Active group/team work, role-plays, outdoor activities and plenary discussions, as well as theoretical inputs and technical learning will characterize the program of the course in order to cover all aspects of the project themes. Special attention will be paid to the fact that competences and knowledge transmitted during the course remain sustainable and transferable. This will be achieved by setting up enough space and time for reflection and evaluation, by providing expertise, documentation, handouts and guidance from the trainers’ team. The trainers of this course are experienced professional artists specialised in their field of photography, video and graphic design. The experience of all the stakeholders will be valued as a ressource for the whole group in order to achieve transfer of competences and best practices sharing. This will be essential for the sustainability of the project, to develop further activities at a local level and between the involved countries. The course will be based on the specific learning needs of the participants. The team of trainers will create a learning and exchanging space, where participants are encouraged and coached to use their creativity and personal reflection to train, work with youth, design new workshops and achieve development of themselves at personal and professional levels. A finished workshop pack of methods will be given to the participants at the end of the training so that they can use it at their return. Tools will be taught and, on the basis of their already existing projects in their sending organizations, participants will be also invited to share good practices, to exchange useful information, work intensively in order to improve their training skills with youths in regards to the subject of this training course and organize workshops in their respective countries. The project also aims to equip participants with a sense of initiative and an active european citizenship feeling, to encourage involvment to be transferred later to the target groups with which the participants work on a daily basis and within their local communities in order to achieve multiplying effect. The local communities will benefit of the added value of this training course and get involved in initiatives and actions on the topic which the participants will be better able to organize after their participation at this training course. Therefore, on a long term basis the project will create a European network to improve skills, best practices, and set up fundaments for a real consideration of visual arts as a mean of non formal learning and citizen expression, that increase creativity, self reflexion, critical mind and youth participation in society for sustainable social changes.
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