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Art for the Earth
Start date: Sep 1, 2011,

"Art of the Earth" is a youth exchange, which main purpose is to show how important really is to preserve environment and how exactly visual arts may help and enhance any performance in this sphere - and how communication with nature may help ourselves performing and expressing better and be worthy as personalities, and how art may contribute to better social informative methods and care about ecology problems.Participants in this project are mainly students and graduates from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Armenia, Italy and The Czech Republic, which have certain experience in visual art or ecology, as well as volunteer working in this sphere; these are people ready to work with the necessary enthusiasm and will in order to visualize their dreams for a better, cleaner, more reliable and more friendly world accomplished into the reality. Upon the exchange these young people will closely meet with the local ecological problems, will share their experience and useful working done in advance in their own countries; and these actions would contribute to the accomplishment of an active and multinational, multicultural dialog, which will eventually lead to cooperation of great value between the local societies and the participants in the exchange.The load of discussions with leading names in the ecology sphere and art would contribute to the establishment of a certain feeling for care about the ecology problems amongst the young, increasing their aesthetic sensitivity about nature's beauty and variety and our planet as a whole. Young people should be well motivated and pushed forward to value of Nature, using a variety of methods and techniques in visual arts. In a period of seven days those participants would establish a cultural exchange of ideas, experience and information. They will develop their skills in the sphere of visual arts and will work for their development in practice and in the context of ecology; thus the local society would be actively involved in the process.Different ideas from the group would be inspired upon the inclusion of different interactive methods for informal learning - discussions, role games, theatrical and artistic methods. By different points of view, inspired by the different visual arts used in ecological context, a maximal level of information concerning themes which participants should discuss will be accomplished. Thus a worthy environment for art would be established as well as the motivation necessary to take exact actions for preserving of environment and the active support in making art more popular.As well as the casual, every day actions, the participants would have the chance to view and get familiar with the local culture sites and the Bulgarian Seaside - they would spent these first days in the beautiful and historic valuable Varna, where they'd have the chance to move around and see some sites, local attractions and historic establishments. Afterwards the participants will visit the city of Balchik, which would contribute to their unforgettable experience and would enlarge and enrich their culture at a great volume.The expected result of that every day work during the exchange will be the cleaning of the beach and the "beach art" inVarna, as well as the final exhibition of these certain works of art during the exchange, which will be initiated and prepared by the participants themselves; this will construct their own creative view over the methods how exactly to contribute for our long dreamed positive change in preserving the environment and making the self expression in this matter way more popular, concerning the usage of different types of art.
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