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Art Bridge of Tolerance
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Art Bridge of Tolerance" is a Youth exchange organized in Agveran in Armenia. This projects aims interest of partners involved in project who are dealing with the issue connected to refugees. Future in Our Hands host this activity with art, photography and with problems of refugees. The already approved Youth Exchange: "Diversity Leads to Tolerance" 2016-1-NL02-KA105-001260 gave shape to this Youth Exchange, which stressed that we should not stop this discussions and carry it forward to a next level of awareness and promotion of Tolerance and involvement of young refugees in our future projects. Therefore as a follow up we want to cooperate with our partner Future in Our Hands with the idea of an Youth Exchange "Art Bridge of Tolerance". This projects aims interest of partners involved in project who are dealing with art, photography and with problems of refugees to promote tolerance in our societies. We want to raise the issues and problems of the refugees and address it to the society together with a mix of young refugees and young teenagers of each country through art. The objectives of this exchange is develop the critical thinking (minds) of the teenagers. Youth leaders in consult with participants showed interest to work on this project, to show use of art and photography in solving refugees problems . It's planned to happen in Armenia, in Agveran from 09-16 October 2016. The Netherlands, Armenia, Spain and Ukraine are involved in the project. There will be 5 participants from each country and 1 leader (2 from Armenia). We'll need a staff who can carry on the logistic things of the project together with the leader. As well as 1 project facilitator. Besides our partners from Armenia will have a team of volunteers who will take care of some logistic and organizational assistance. The youth exchange will be facilitated by a qualified artist and the leaders of each team should be accompanied by artists so that they can lead workshops. The central theme of this youth exchange will be refugees' problems and art as a tool to raise up refugees' problems because day by day all over the world you can find plenty of refugees. During the exchange together with few young refugees and young participants will have the opportunity to learn, see and explore different types of art, craft, photography, as well as they will get to know the problems of the refugees and find ways how to raise up their problems and address it to the society. As many people are aware about these problems, as easier is to find ways of solution.Each activity will be lead by one group leader and with participation of the young participants. There will be workshops according to the topics: Prejudice, stereotypes, hate speech, European values. The participants will be shared into international groups and will present to the other their art work, where they have shared their own approach to that very topic. These workshops will be parallel and the participants can rotate, having the chance to take part in all the workshops. This projects make them more aware of multicultural Europe and they realize that this types of project have intercultural affects . One of motivation to make this project is to break prejudices between young people about religions, racism, cultures and habits and to develop tolerance towards the refugees. To make them aware of multicultural Europe and to have intercultural learning on the way of exchange of experiences. On workshops about prejudice, discrimination, racism they will be able to see and discuss differences in their examples, and present it to the public through their art works.The participants will organize an exhibition for the public, where they will present their art works. This exhibition can be a social message to the public including graffiti, craft, photography and on the end of project do final digital product. The participants will meet young artists in Armenia, who do are dealing with society trying to reach their voice to the public through art, so that they can exchange their ideas, share their best experience, brainstorm and develop a new piece of art.Moving forward what we will have at the end of the project is an art and craft photography exhibitions and graffiti design. So the participants will reach their voice to the public.
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