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Art – an important tool for intercultural dialogue

What do young people have to learn to achieve intercultural competences? This is the central question in this project during the European year of “intercultural dialogue”. Is it enough to speak a foreign language or is there more that is needed? Which role plays art in this question? This is the challange to take on in this bilateral School Partnership between Devon and Kärnten. The approach will be the following: through art the students will enter into an intercultural dialogue. The partnership is based on a real exchange of 2 weeks in both countries. The pupils (from different classes age 14 – 18) will have to face the different way of living in another country, the different culture, the different language. This is a step forward and towards achieving social and intercultural competences. In both schools the pupils learn two foreign languages from the 1st grade. Both schools have a strong emphasis on art. By the time they reach class 9 they’ve had many lessons in foreign languages and many lessons in art. Is that an excellent ground to achieve intercultural competence? The pupils will experience it and explore each others country, each others culture, each others languages.

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