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Are You Aware of the Danger!
Start date: Jul 20, 2015, End date: Feb 19, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Increasing drug prices in the world made manufacturers to produce cheaper and different areas. One of them is the bonzai. Bonzai, the starting point of our project for the first time emerged in Germany in 2002, after Spain it appeared in Australia. Bonzai is a substance which is getting widespread among young people. The reason why this substance is thought as a natural and herbal is that the young people do not have enough information about the chemical content and harmful effects o this substance. Bonzai, which ruins the life of young people who will build the world of our future, still cant be understood as a dangerous substance in public. The news from time to time, reveals the importance of the event. However, this news is inadequate so that people can understand the danger of this product and also inadequate about the awareness of people. Although Macro-level studies have been done on the usage of this product which appears as a danger in our age, there is no micro level studies which will prevent the patential users to stop using this substance. We decided to make a fire in our own ways and prepared this project for young people who are insurance of our future to save them from this terrible problem and to prevent potential users. In our project, with the application of peer education model we aim to save the young people from this danger and we aim to take the potential bomzai users away from this addiction. In this context, the main objective of our project is to fight with bonzai addiction. Our specific objectives for young people and youth workers are the following: 1- To teach to the young people and youth workers the reasons of drug addiction 2- To teach and show to the young people and youth workers the bad results of drug addiction. 3- To show the existence of dangerous to the participants and local people. 4- To prevent potential bonzai users to fall into the paw of this substance 5- To increase public awareness to the problems caused by Bonzai 6- To develop new strategies to fight with the danger of Bonzai. 7- To raise awareness fort he young people against the harmful effects of other drugs, especially bonzai. 8- To create new project drafts and evaoulate them. 9- To develop key competencies of the participants. There will be 30 Participants from 7 countries in the project. 6 participants will come from our group and 4 from others. 2 support staff, 1 expert and 1 facilitator will work in the project. Participants are young people between 18-35 years old. These young people are working for youth in various institutions. Some of the participants dont know the dangers of bonzai but some of them are experienced about this and know what it is. In general,there are participants who are experienced with drugs and addiction. The project activities are as follows; Posters, brochures, preparation, cultural night and NGO fair preparation of the participants, logistic support activities, acquaintance games, group dynamics activities, cultural night, NGO fairs, presentations, field visits, presentation of best practices, scenario preparation and exhibition activities, project preparation activities with 5 N 1 K, evaluation and reporting activities, dissemination activities The methods that will be used in activities are as follows; games, ice-breakers, warm-up activities, question and answer sessions, group work, individual work, learning by experiencing, interactive presentations, simulations, demonstrating case studies, discussion, survey. Results and effects: The participants will learn the reasons of drug addiction and what bad results it uncover during the project. Consequently they will get conscious against the substances that cause addiction. The participants will understand the importance of the danger of bonzai which is increasing day by day and whose danger cant stil be understood enough. So, they will want to fight against this substance and raise awareness fort he young people around themselves. Local communities will see this bonzai danger and they will be more conscious with the help of dissemination activities. At the end of the project, new project ideas will come out to fight against bonzai and new strategies will be made to fight against this substance. All these studies will contribute to form a healthier generation.By having healthy communication, the cooperation between institutions will increase not only about bonzai but also in all other matters in future. Long term advantages: Project outlines that will be created at the end of the project will improve the idea of the future cooperation of institutions. So, long-term relationships will develop between institutions . Participants will have good relations with other participants and will know each other better. So, in long-term they will contribute to form a peaceful EU society which is away from prejudices.
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