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The project objective developed TRAINERS' key competences/transferable skills to address the needs of disaffected young people so that they were better able to maximise their potential in terms of social, cultural and economic inclusion. This was principally achieved by the transfer and adaptation of innovative education training materials and methods (specifically the Toolkit) developed by WacArts in the UK for the Arts, Cultural and Creative Sectors. The project met the aims and objectives within the original application in that it: (a) Tested the Transferable Skills Toolkit for Trainers in the participating countries taking into account the partner organisations' teaching methods, training needs of the personnel involved (managers, trainers, support workers) and the skills needs of Young People NEET. (b) Built the capacity of the participant organisations via the transfer of know-how, and the adaptation of the learning materials, to generate effective practices regarding organisational management, trainers' peer support, key competences training, and content development. (c) Embedded key competences through transferable skills into initial vocational related content and partner collaboration with local stakeholders. (d) Identified learning outcomes and results and disseminated these widely, particularly at sectoral level, to ensure the knowledge was cascaded down to other organisations.
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