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Arbeid og praksis i ulike europeiske maritime cluster
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The mobility project is intended as cooperation between Haram upper secondary school and local industry. While working on the application, we have cooperated closely with Istituta Statale di Istruzione Superiore "Arturo Malignani" in Udine, Italy. The final project will be based upon exchange of students/apprentices from these two areas. The purpose of Euroship VI will vary depending on our position. The goals for students/apprentices will be to learn more about how other countries with similar industries carry out practical training, and at the same time they will gwt an insight into culture of an foreign country. This includes both the culture og organisations and traditional and regional cultures. At the same time they will take part in practical work with english as their working language. This will give them a taste of the future labour market they will be a part of, and also prepare them for changes and new skills in a future job. the idea behind such a project is that both the school and industry realize that the labour force in the future must be more mobile to meet the regionalisation process that is taking part in Europe. This development towards an international labour market means tahat workers in the future must be used to functioning in work situations where their own language and culture is no longer the basis. We will also focus upon the challenge many companies meets in the worlwide finanscrises, and what this mean for the industry they are a part of in Norway and Italy. In the project we have both students who are preparing for further studies and undergoing vocational training and students from different vocational trainingprograme, electrical and mechanics. This means that they will be working at different levels and they will need to have good understanding of other peoples cultures to be able to meet people from foreign countrise with respect. Working with people in a new cultural enviroment, even though it mau be omly for a short period of time, will, through the preparatory work and the stay itself, give them increased understanding of how other people work, and contribute to a greater understanding of other epoples cultural, economic, political and social background. Through the preparatory work we also seek to motivate the students from the vocational trainingprograme to participate both in the activities in school and in the project. The understanding of other peoples cultural, economic, political and social background is especially inportant in our region where a number of industrial companies are subsidiariees of large international companies. For example is the shipbulding group Vard located i Haram with two shipyards part of the italian Fincanteri Comapany. The project will take place in two countries, Norway and Italy. The school has cooperated closely with ITI Arturo Malignani on a language project through Comenius and also Leonard IVT/VETPRO projects. We have seen that the schools, despite differences in size, location etc. have important similarities, which can be the basis of anew project. Both schools are located in regions with a strong maritime industry.
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