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AQUA-TNET - Aquaculture, Fisheries & Aquatic Resource Management TN

AQUA-TNET is a multidisciplinary Thematic Network uniting academic and vocational aspects of the Bologna reforms and the establishment of the EHEA in aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic resources management. Its multi-stakeholder structure has succeeded in bringing together the entire sector: educationists (HE & VET), researchers, producers, consumers, students, decision-makers and NGOs. This multi-faceted approach has been a main factor in AQUA-TNET's consistent progress in driving forward ongoing and proposed Bologna (London 2007)& Copenhagen (Helsinki 2006) priorities. The well-designed structure has facilitated a steady flow of relevant information & knowledge between partners, which has made it clear that a variety of new deliverables are needed, in response to new demands and to consolidate achievements.So that network deliverables cover the continuing changes in the Bologna & Copenhagen Processes, its 8 themed work packages deal with recognised priorities: mobility, recognition, HE & lifelong learning, flexible curricula, embedded doctoral programs, EQF, transferable skills. 4 overarching Work packages concern the needs of industry, research, students and consumers. All stakeholders will participate in the annual meetings, and in project management. Deliverables include maintenance and expansion of web portals, stakeholder forums, publications, flexible learning and multi-lingual course modules.The network will have a major impact in several areas: its ongoing work on the educational priorities as signalled in the London and Helsinki communiqué gives much-needed input to HE and VET partners; its inclusive approach brings industry, research and academic partners together to prepare joint resolutions concerning new developments; its emphasis on improving mobility, embedded doctoral programs, as well as flexible learning pathways geared towards the promotion of lifelong learning in its many aspects. The ongoing work to join theTUNING initiative has reached a decisive point, with the invitation to complete the TUNING template taking the network to the next stage of the process. AQUA-TNET's wide sectoral support will be represented in the EATP Technology Platform offering a new knowledge transfer pathway and a new area of impact.

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