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Aprendizaje de las competencias lingüísitcas en un entorno europeo y observación de buenas prácticas
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Who we are? Johan Carballeira IES is a state secondary school which depends on Consellería de Cultura, Educación e Ordenación Universitaria de Galicia (Education Regional Council of Galicia). Our school offers the following education levels: Secondary Education, Bachillerato (advanced secondary education) and Vocational Training. What activities need we to performe? Our work schedule is established by the need of promoting entrepreneurship spirit among our pupils, as well as the improvement of the learning of languages, the promotion of multiculturalism, personal initiative and consequently the improvement of the employability profile. Having established our aim, and in order to ensure that our students can carry out their work placements (FCT) in an international context we have set up the Departamento de Programas Europeos (Department of European Programs) during 2010 -2011 school year. Over these 4 years we have developed several actions for student mobility (SMP) for our advanced vocational training students, and we have detected some needs within our organization. We must meet these needs in order to ensure the continuity and efficiency our school's European policy. Our school's needs basically focus around the improvement of linguistic competence (staff and students'), the creation of permanent networking to cooperate with other European institutions, the import of those educational and professional skills with innovating characteristics as well. These skills should let us update and improve our educative offer. At last, we are trying to foster the European sentiment in our school, and we are also trying to raise awareness about the professional and personal opportunities Erasmus+ program can offer not only to each individual and the educational community but also to the socioeconomic context. Who participates? The participants in these mobility actions must own a steady international vocation. We look for a profile clearly involved in the work of the department of European programs, in the learning of languages, in the acquisition of new professional skills and in innovation and development. That is the reason why we will valuate collaboration with this department, knowledge of languages, the participation in previous mobility experiences and in innovative educational projects; curriculum vitae will be valuated as well. Applicants are expected to feel involved actively in Erasmus+ philosophy, committing themselves by promoting the creation of cooperative networking with other institutions, the participation of staff and students in mobility actions and internal and external dissemination of the mentioned actions. What is the expected impact? Through the participation in these activities we intend to get, as our main aim, a big impact on our teachers' human training, allowing them to take over obstacles and reinforce values such as Pro-Europe sentiment, integration, cooperation, flexibility, tolerance, personal initiative, entrepreneurship spirit and the importance of permanent training all over our lives. Through the creation of new collaboration networks between education centres, institutions and companies, we will establish a synergy that lets us take the gauge to the competences and skills the European labour market requires; and we will also be able to prepare educative strategies to answer satisfactorily. Therefore, the participation in staff mobilities prepares our institution for taking on the requirements of the European labour market, contributing to improve the quality of our education system and the value of vocational training studies. Finally, our involvement in this new project is also of interest to the whole educative community, by encouraging the creation of work teams among teachers of different subjects, generating new professional incentives, developing teams guided toward the modernization of our institution, the updating of knowledge and competences, the implementation in international strategy management and, therefore and to sum up, guided towards the improvement, cohesion and strengthening of our educative institution altogether. We expect all this activity to be reflected in the school's strategic project, making Johan Carballeira IES a reference institution in O Morrazo county. The ultimate aims of our program are to strengthen the school identity, connecting it with its international vocation and the learning of languages, with a view to give a different quality factor to our educative offer. Making our school more attractive for students, teachers and socioeconomic surroundings is the ultimate goal of our work, as well as offering a better education which enables the integration of our students in a labour market more and more competitive and global.
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