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Aprendizaje basado en nuevas metodologías
Start date: Jun 2, 2016, End date: Jun 1, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Ciudad del Mar school it is a primary and infants school located in Torrevieja (Alicante). The school is composed of 50 teachers and 704 students. It is an innovative school since it leaves apart the use of text books and carries out educative projects designed taking into account the students' interests and needs. It is also a school that pays special attention to the students with special educative needs integration in the ordinary classrooms. It is an intercultural school. The day-by-day work is based on projects learning, interactive groups, using the library as the linking axis, dialogic literary circles, parents' school. Apart from all these strategies we add new elements to improve the education quality at our school sucha as: mindfulness, chess lessons, ABN method, etc. and they are in a continual renewal and improvement. Regarding the main goals, our schools has given an alternative to the tradition al structures that the Spanish Education System follows, in order to be able to give way to a new school where the globalized knowledge will be the main point in the future, as well as being based on the multiple intelligences and promoting teaching techniques among the students not paying attention to their age differencies, through different methodologies that foster these already mentioned items such as corners, reseach projects, etc. Our main goal is to adapt the education system to the students' needs and priorities in our current society, since we consider the school is the main roal to build the society we want. This is why, if we start building it from the school, we will also cotribute to build a better future society. This is why education never stops changing and this fact is another factor that has forced us to open our way to new school with different cultures, education system and mentalities. We are planning to send between 2-5 participants. The selection has been based on those teachers who were willing to cooperate in this project. After this step, we have taken into account other factors like English language skills, experience and knowledge related to new methodologies, cooperative work , learning communities, inclusive schools and personal understaking. The participants' profile goes between 23-40 years old and we will overstate their English Language skills. The second factor to take into account will be personal experience and training. As well as their active participation in the change process in our school. A teacher that believes in the school's methodology showing a positive and responsible attitude towards the future of the school and our society in general.Regarding the activities we have carried out in this project we can mention the following ones: staff meeting to consolidate the decisions in the project KA1, talking about our main goals, organizing the mobility of the participants, initial assessment, starting the mobility in the european countries, communication through e-Twinning with the other schools, doing job shadowing in the foreign schools, taking a course related to new methodologies in education, assessing during the project KA1, final assesment of the project, implementing new activities and methodologies learnt and make needed changes.The methodology used throughout this project is based on setting objectives, creation of a commission that organizes the starting point of the project taking in to account the trip, accommodation, creation of a monitoring commission, creation of a commission for the teachers' training sessions and stablishing the key points to put in to practice all the new aspects learnt in our school and creation of an assessment commission for the final assessment and the final reports writing. Firstly, the outcome expected in a short period of time is going to be the impact experiences by the participant not only in his/her personal life but also in his/her professional life. In this way, this teacher will stablish connection between both educative systems getting as a final product will be the improvement in creativity and new educative strategies to be carried out with a positive attitude.
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