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Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Juan Patiño Torres School has strongly supported education through English based on the national plans for plurilingualism and European cultural exchanges projects development. We have always expected this plan to be a turning point in our student’s attitude and the solution for our problems.90% of our students reject the possibilities of an international academic or professional future. Fear and lack of interest is detected when the possibility to travel abroad or meeting new cultures is offered. They do not hesitate to refuse any academic opportunity if it involves some international mobility.Miguel Esteban is a small town located about 100 Km far from any capital city of the region of Castilla-La Mancha. It makes our students grow in a quite closed environment without the perception of the importance of knowing something different from what they have already met in their place of birth.Taking into account all these influential factors, we feel responsible for the change of this situation. We strongly believe that our professional development is the basis of this change. After our Plurilingual Plan consolidation, It is time to internationalize our school through the objective “WORKING ON THE BROADENING SCHOOL´S INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE”.We set the participation in this KA1 project as an introduction to our future projects. The school establishes the coordination of a KA2 project as a long-term objective (2019-20). That is the reason why we currently take part in the elaboration of another KA2 project (2016-18), aiming at the acquisition of experience in this kind of projects.For the successful development of our future projects we need:1- To acquire new European teaching and learning techniques.2- To improve our knowledge about new technologies and its application in the classroom.3- To improve our foreign language skills: English.4- To increase teachers motivation and group consciousness.The selection of our participants is based on the idea of the composition of the most appropriate team for the current and future projects development, in this way we ensure the fulfillment of our short, medium and long term goals. We have chosen eleven teachers who are really concerned about the search for effective solutions. They will take advantage of the following trainings, straightly related to our school necessities:A) 4 trainings for English improvement.• English for teachers with low level of English(A2+B1) (3)• Activate your English for teaching (B1+B2) (1)B) 3 trainings for the use of new technologies improvement.• “Creative Learning and Teaching using ICT and the cultural environment” (2)• “Web platforms for the classroom” (1)C) 4 trainings for the acquisition of new European methodologies.• “Interactive teaching - Using educational games and new technology in order to enhance learners’ motivation”• “Active Art: Understanding and Enjoying Art in the Classroom and Beyond”• “Physical Education - Course for Sports Teachers”• “Creative Teaching in the Secondary and Adult English Language Classroom”Thanks to these mobilities we will have the suitable team to make a high level impact at three levels:-) SHORT-TERM IMPACT• Self-confidence increase while speaking English in real situation. Support to continue their language training.• Implementation of new technologies tools. Design of motivating activities.• Introduction of new ideas and methodological points of view in the classroom planning.• Incorporation of a new European approach in the School Educational Project.• Transfer of new didactic material to the rest of the teachers. Creation of the new digital platform.• Students will take advantage of changes through new activities and creative projects development.-)MEDIUM-TERM IMPACT• KA2 participation beginning. (2016-18)• Our teachers will be at the same level as the rest of European teachers. They will speak English fluently, they will be able to use new technologies in an appropriate way and they will work with international groups properly.• Students: Increase of adaptive capacity to the European environment.• Parents: Recognition of teachers’ implication. Increase of parents’ implication at school. They will discover their children´s new capacities to face up new challenges.• Recognition by local and regional institutions.• Increase of projects at regional level.-) LONG-TERM IMPACT• Coordination of our own KA2 project.• Continuation of the teachers´ international training.• Removal of students’ cultural barriers. Improvement of students’ career prospects.• Natural and usual involvement of parents, local and regional institutions at school projects.
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