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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is proposed as a means to get some of the strategic objectives of our organization: " Maintenance and development of our international projects and programs ", " Driving Innovation " and " Enhancing staff training ." It will allow us to deepen two of the main lines of work we are currently undertaking in the IES Carles Salvador : the multilingual program and attention to diversity.PLURILINGUE PROGRAMOur institution is a member of the Network of Multilingual Centers and it began testing the Multilingual Program in 2011/12. During these years we have encountered certain difficulties that could be solved with the exchange of experiences with IIS Jean Monnet, a renowned center in this field. We also aim to improve the CLIL methodology,in which we have already received some training during the last years within our Annual Training Plan. In this sense, for teachers is needed an improvement in the training in new methods of teaching and learning foreign languages.ATTENTION TO DIVERSITY .Today, one of the challenges of education is to address the issue of diversity. We aim to enhance with this project the plan for diversity that is already underway in our center. To get more out of these measures would be very helpful to check the treatment given to these problems in another context.Special mention deserves the project called Help Among Equals, that for the first time we are developing this course and which promises great results. The importance of this project is to treat the diversity and it would be enriched by the contribution of different strategies and mutual exchange between the participating centers. Being a pioneer project, this external perspectives would undoubtedly contribute to improve his development.The practical objective is the development of materials, from data collection experience, that would enable us a reflection on this methodology,as well as mechanisms that facilitate the inclusion of a program progressively improved in the respective centers.NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS :To carry out our project a total of 15 participants is proposed. Four of them will do the activity of observation abroad,and the other eleven for mobility training. Their profiles are:- People involved in programs for diversity,multilingualism and educational innovation in our center .- Teachers involved in European programs,participating in student exchanges,or in the incorporation of new methodologies of teaching and learning at the center .- Teachers with tested experience and training to make optimal use of the training activities,availability and competency to share and disseminate these enriching ways of teaching to other teachers,and furthermore to the entire school community.DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES :ACTIVITY 1: The 2 participants in this activity made ​​a stay of 7 days in the socio center (Germany ), to observe and exchange experiences of attention to diversity , pluilingüismo and learning new teaching methodologies .ACTIVITY 2 : 11 participants conducted structured training courses , 2 of them at the Université de Franche -Comté 12 days duration in Besançon (France ) and the remaining 9 at the TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN . Learning new methodologies for learning a second language. The particular program of courses is attached as an annexThe methodologyTo carry out the project the planning activities will be taken at the destination center. The Etwinning will be used as a communication platform. The specific actions to be taken will be prepared and the indicators that allow us to obtain a measure of the obtained results will be designed.Results and expected impactThe main expected results in the short term are: to improve the language competency of the participants, to improve the competency in methodologies for teaching foreign languages and foreign languages using, and to improve competency in new methods of learning of attention to diversity and inclusive school .The medium-term results are to improve the language proficiency of students, motivate students in learning foreign languages, encourage teachers to use new methodologies of learning and promote teacher’s participation in educational innovation projects .Possible LONG TERM benefits are: to improved results in external evaluations (especially in foreign languages) and to decrease failure rates and dropout by applying new methods of teaching and learning.

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